It is amazing that among the millions of people who have dogs, very few understand the importance of dog training. Of course, this doesn’t mean they love their dogs any less but, they might not realize how much more satisfying a relationship can be with a properly trained dog.

The benefits of dog training are many and so are the ways to go about it. It can become very confusing when looking into the field of dog training because there are so many different methods and opinions on the best way to train a dog. Any method however, is better than none, and better than a dog with no obedience and undesirable bad behavior. It is very common to hear, “my dog just won’t listen to me”, and this is an indicator that the dog’s owner needs to learn how to better communicate with their dog. This is a critical first step in dog training, learning how to effectively communicate with your dog.   How else will your dog know what you expect of it? Dogs are thought of as one of the family for many people, but they are not human and they must be taught certain behavior to live with us harmoniously. Jumping up on people to greet them, barking, chewing on things, digging up yards, are examples of some things dogs can be taught not to do making them more pleasant to have around.

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The Firm Hand approach is perhaps the most common method.  With you being the “Alpha Dog” and the leader of the pack and asserting your dominance over the dog, thus influencing its behavior. Rewards or consequences are also important elements in dog training, not unlike teaching a child proper behavior. They will by nature want to do the things that provide good consequences such as a food, belly rubs, playing fetch, praising and petting or a nice treat, and avoid the bad consequences of being denied these things as punishment for unwanted behavior. It has long been known that dogs recognize our facial expressions and tone of voice and this can be an effective tool to reinforce the desired behavior we want to teach the dog. Scolding and forceful jerking of the leash will most likely work over time but, this type of negative reinforcement can be avoided all together if proper training is implemented. This is why the services of a professional trainer or obedience school might be the best option for many people.

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If someone is unwilling or unable to learn the correct methods of dog training it is recommended they choose a dog training professional. All around the world, in most every country, you can find really good k-9 training because, we love our dogs and we want them to be obedient. The great nation of Canada is remarkable in their quality and quantity of highly advanced dog training schools. Ottawa Dog Training in Quebec for example, is an industry leader in the field. Regardless though, of where you live, a reputable school shouldn’t be hard to find and, it’s the way to go if someone doesn’t have the time and patience to invest in adequate training of their four legged loved one’s

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