Olive oil is an exceptional natural ingredient, which when added to your dog’s food, can bring about radical benefits in pet health. Olive oils are of various types. Extra virgin, virgin and cold pressed are the few types of olive oil available in the market. Just like for human beings, this oil proves to be healthy for dogs, as well. A spoon of olive oil included in the diet of your dog will make their food taste better and help them curb the extra fat.

Reasons Olive Oil is Important for Dogs

A few reasons to add olive oil to your dog’s diet:

Cold pressed olive oil is a healthy option added to the diet of canines. The doggies love eating food spiced up with olive oil. It proves healthy as well. The following are a few factors that happen when olive oil is added to the diet:

  • Helps canines lose some weight:

The unwanted pounds of flesh in canines can be reduced by the intake of olive oil along with their regular diet. The monounsaturated fats in the oil, help melt the fat by breaking down the fat inside fat cells. It also increases insulin sensitivity. Therefore, it is essential to include olive oil in your canine’s food.

  • Preserves health:

A dog’s health is improved by the intake of olive oil. It decreases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and also prevents cancer. It contains monounsaturated fat that lessens the risk of heart disorders. The presence of squalene and terpenoids help ensure that cancer is prevented.

  • Defends immune system:

A number of antioxidants are present in the oil; like polyphenols, Vitamin E, chlorophyll, and carotenoids. These anti-oxidants are effective in restoring the immune system of the body. Canines need this to prevent and fight diseases. This immune system works basically during the change of seasons. The oil also helps in keeping your dog looking youthful.

  • Adds taste:

Olive oil adds taste to your dog’s boring food. A spoon of cinnamon and turmeric with olive oil will spice up your dog’s meal. Olive oil prevents a cognitive decline among canines as well. Olive oil, when added to your dog’s diet, prevents the entire cognitive decline that a species faces due to aging.

Olive Oil For Your Dog

  • It works as an energy boost:

The circulation of blood and breathing in a canine improves with the use of olive oil. It increases blood flow. There are a few dog breeds, like the bulldog, that face breathing problems. A diet of olive oil given to the dog will help reduce the problem to some extent.

Reasons to Give Your Dog Olive Oil

  • A beauty treatment:

It is more than just a food. It acts as a major tool to improve the health of the hair and skin in humans. It is also a helpful ingredient that helps dogs look youthful. It will help in converting a dog’s dull coat of fur into a vibrant and bright fur.

All the above-stated reasons make cold pressed olive oil popular in the diet of canines. One can switch between coconut and olive oil to help make your dog’s food a bit tastier.

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