When I was a child, I was mesmerized by Police Dogs. I still am. A friend of mine is a police officer in Anchorage, AK where I live and I signed up to do a ride along with him a year or so ago. The coolest thing was watching the police dogs. They didn’t bite anyone or find any drugs, but the way they listened to their handlers, the sheer devotion you could see in their eyes was amazing. Just like little kids want to grow up and be police officers, these dogs seemingly wanted to be police officers too.

These dogs are fierce, protective and effective. I’ve always said (jokingly, of course), when watching Cops or seeing police activity in person, that you can run from the police, but when they bring the dogs out – GIVE UP. They will find you. It’s just what they do.

On March 14th of this year, an FBI Canine went running in to a bar where a man named Kurt Meyers was held up. Mr Meyers had killed 4 people earlier that week and the FBI needed to bring him in. The FBI Canine’s name was Ape. He was a 2 year old German Shepherd Dog. Ape was fitted with a bulletproof vest made especially for canines with a camera. Ape went in first with the camera.

German Shepherd


Ape was killed by Kurt Meyers. He knew the authorities were coming and was armed and ready to shoot. After he killed Ape, Mr. Meyers was killed by the FBI without the loss of human life. Although there was an FBI medic on scene who worked fervently to save Ape’s life, he was unable to. The FBI referred to Ape’s actions that day as nothing less than “heroic.”

Shockingly, in the state of New York, the crime of killing a law enforcement canine was only a misdemeanor. Law Enforcement canines being killed in the line of duty isn’t something that is incredibly common. Ape was only the second FBI canine to be killed in the line. However, driving with expired tags is a misdemeanor. So is illegal dumping. Killing a Police Dog is not. It is murder and should be treated as such.

The New York State legislature agreed and shortly after Ape’s death made killing or injuring a Police Dog a felony. However, in many states it is still not a felony to kill a police dog. I think it is incredibly important that this information get out and that we respect the sacrifice these dogs make. They are protecting us and their deaths should be treated with the same respect as any other law enforcement officer’s.

I hope that you will take a minute after reading this to share it with your friends. The only way things change in our country is when the people really push for it. We have a responsibility to make sure that these laws change. Follow this link to contact your legislators and tell them that this must happen!

We look forward to seeing the day when these dogs lives are treated with the proper respect in every state.

Author Bio:  Josh Brown is a dog lover, trainer and breeder in Anchorage, AK. He owns Far North Kennel and breeds German Shepherd Puppies. Josh writes a Dog Blog with training and behavioral tips for owners of all breeds that you are invited to check out here.

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