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Guide dog looks at next generation

Guide dog looks at next generation—smerikal (

Today is International Guide Dog Day.  It is celebrated on the last Wednesday in April every year.  This special day recognizes guide dogs and their important role in helping the blind and visually impaired stay safe and be independently mobile.  A guide dog gives a person that is blind or visually impaired a new lease on life and a trusting companion.

Guide dogs are working dogs that recognize obstacles and guide their handlers around them giving them the ability to walk freely.  They lead their handlers through the usual situations of daily life that most of us take for granted.  They help their handlers cross roads, access public transport and navigate through shopping centers.

Not everyone is aware of the laws allowing public access for guide dogs.  Guide dogs are legally allowed access into all public places such as airplanes, taxis, trains, buses, grocery stores, banks, hotels, restaurants, doctors offices, theatres, amusement parks and shopping malls.  If a guide dog and its handler are denied access to a public place it is considered a case of discrimination.

Guide dogs guide their handler safely in any environment.  They have undergone rigorous training to make sure they focus on the task.  These dogs are quiet, well behaved, non-aggressive and completely clean at all times.

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