I don’t want to give away my age, but when I was growing up, there was no such thing as a “doggie day care.”  I sure wish there were day cares back when I was in college and had my very own dog for the first time.  He didn’t like being at home by himself and he let me know it by jumping out of the window of my mobile home.  When I say jump, I mean he went through glass and all to get out.  Now, that was one determined dog!  I don’t know if I could have afforded doggie day care for him, but I’m sure it would have been much cheaper than repairing windows and the floor he tried to dig out of!

Everyone is taking their dog to doggie day care these days.  Well…maybe not everyone, but quite a few of my friends take their pooch to doggie day care.  How about you and your friends?  Do you take your dog to day care?

I don’t know if day care is good for every dog, but it is probably great for the majority of dogs.  If your dog is outgoing, playful, loves having something to do, and needs more exercise during the day; then your dog would probably benefit from going to day care more than a dog that doesn’t really need more exercise and doesn’t really care if they are left alone during the day.

Dog day care
It is important to point out that there aren’t many dogs that get enough exercise and as we all know, if your dog doesn’t get enough daily exercise, it could lead to health and behavior problems.  We are all hearing about how more and more dogs are obese these days, so taking your dog to a day care where they will get some much needed exercise might be a good thing.  If you are thinking about taking your dog to a dog day care you should check out this Doggie daycare in Cincinnati, Ohio and see what they have to offer!  Doggie Day Cares can be more than just a place to drop your dog off.  They can also offer dog training classes like the day care we just mentioned

If your dog is a social dog, day care might just be the place for him.  Don’t take your dog to day care if they don’t get along with other dogs.  That would be a big no, no!  If your dog has social issues such as, fear of other dogs, fear aggression, etc., then day care probably isn’t the place for your dog.  Don’t take your dog to day care if he is past the puppy socialization stage; for example, one, two, three years or older, and he hasn’t been around other dogs.  It is very important that if you plan to take your dog to day care, that he has been socialized as a puppy.  If your dog hasn’t been around other dogs, the outcome could be one that you and your dog won’t be happy with.

Doggie day care is beneficial in that it will help keep Fido active and healthy.  Your dog will get to run and play and will get a good workout with their doggie friends.  This activity will help keep your pooch in good physical condition.

If you have never taken your dog to day care, you might check out these tips for finding a good doggie day care.

Remember that your dog’s vaccinations will have to be up to date if you take them to a doggie day care.  Most likely, you will have to have proof of vaccinations from a licensed veterinarian when you arrive with your pet.

All in all, doggie day cares are good for most pets.  Just remember…a healthier Fido means a happier Fido and we all want our dogs to be happy!

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