When we want to be healthy, we put so much thought and care into choosing the best foods for ourselves. But do we give the same care to how we feed our dogs? You might think it’s as simple as picking up some kibble from the pet store, but the truth is that making sure your dog gets everything they need can be a little more complicated than that. Here are a few ways to make sure you’re giving your dog just what he needs.

Dog Loves His Food

Know what’s in it

You might be used to reading the labels and knowing what’s too fat, what doesn’t have enough protein and so on for yourself. Your dog’s food is supposed to be their body’s fuel so it demands the same kind of attention. Learn how to read your pet food labels and learn the figures that you should be most paying attention to. In general, 10% protein content and 5.5% are what experts say the average dog should get, depending on whether or not they have any specific dietary requirements.

Know how it affects your dog

Just like people, dogs can vary a lot in their build and biology, so you have to make sure you’re taking into account how it impacts them. For specialist low fat, high protein, or other kinds of specific foods, these are usually best suited to dogs that have been diagnosed with a dietary need from the vet. You don’t have to be so proactive on micromanaging their figure otherwise. What you should be more concerned about is checking for signs of food allergies and figuring out which ingredients they’re most sensitive to so you can find alternatives that give them fewer problems. Your dog won’t be complaining about a minor allergic reaction so keep an eye on them every time you give them something new.

Where it comes from

There’s a good reason to prioritize foods made locally like processed dog food and chicken dog treats made in USA. It’s about more than just supporting domestic business. Many experts recommend choosing American because most manufacturers in the US have federally and state controlled safety and quality assurance practices that put their foods at a much lower chance of recall due to contamination.

Know they’re getting everything they need

As supplements have gained popularity in human diets, they have started to gain popularity in pet diets, too. People want to make sure that their dogs are fully supplied, not just partially. However, the truth is that most US-made, high-quality pet food contains just about all the nutrition your dog needs. Certain dog supplements can be good for certain dogs. There’s evidence to suggest, for instance, that hemp oil supplements can help reduce inflammation in older dogs and help clear their coat of any skin conditions. What’s essential, however, is that you consult the vet before adding anything extra into your dog’s diet for health purposes.

It might seem complicated at first, but so long as you stick to the few principles mentioned above, choosing the right foods for your furry friend will soon become obvious.






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