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It’s not uncommon for dogs to shed loads of their heavy, winter fur leading up to the summer months to keep cool. They also shed in order to get rid of old or damaged hair throughout the year. But if they’re shedding all year round excessively, it could be a symptom of something more serious. Here are a few surprising reasons that your pup could be shedding too much, and it’s not just because they’re too warm.

They’re Not Well

Sometimes, excessive shedding can be a symptom of something quite serious. For example, kidney and liver problems can be shown by hair loss symptoms. If your pup is shedding excessively, take a trip to the vet, just to get them checked out. It could be any of the following three reasons, but it’s best to have your pooch looked at, just in case.

They’re Stressed

Just like humans, dogs can actually experience genuine feelings of stress and anxiety. It might not manifest itself in any way – they could be eating fine, sleeping normally, and not acting strangely in any way, but they could still be stressed. And that can cause them to start shedding their coat as a natural response. If you’ve just moved into a new house, got a new pet, had a new baby, or gone on vacation and left them with a dog sitter or in a kennel, they very well could be suffering from stress. A bit of extra love and attention, and they should be back to their normal, cheerful self in no time.

They Have Fleas

Fleas or other skin complaints can cause your dog to lose hair as they scratch incessantly to try to deal with the itch. Get a flea comb and some flea treatment and get to work to get rid of the little critters. Check out dog flea treatment reviews online to find one which will work well with your dog’s breed and hair type. Prevention is better than the cure, so it’s best to stay on top of it with a flea prevention tablet once you’ve gotten rid of them. As soon as they’re gone, and your pup’s skin has had time to heal, you should notice that they aren’t shedding as much.

Their Diet Isn’t Healthy

A dog’s diet is essential to their well-being. If it’s low quality, it could cause obesity, but it could also mean that your pooch isn’t getting enough of their required nutrients. When this happens, their body starts to revolt, and one of the ways you can tell is by their fur starting to drop out. Good quality dog food should help  to avoid this. It’s also worth checking for any food allergies, which could also cause hair-loss. Experimenting with different types of food to find one which works well for your dog is key.

If your dog is losing hair and you don’t think they’re experiencing stress, and their diet is fine, and they definitely don’t have fleas, it’s worth paying a visit to the vet. It could still be something completely innocuous, but it’s worth getting everything checked out, just in case.



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