Dogs need a lot of things to stay healthy and happy. Food, affection, company and, of course, exercise are all crucial to keeping your dog in the best condition. However, the quantity of exercise your dog needs can be a topic some dog owners wonder about.

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Know Your Dog

Different breeds and sizes of dogs all have different exercise requirements, and this also changes as a dog gets older. Exercise requirements can be measured by distance walked (or run), but it is better to think in terms of how much time your dog spends being active every day. The amount of activity best for a dog will vary from 30 minutes to two hours per day, depending on their age, size, and breed. Dogs that are bred for hunting or speed, such as retrievers and greyhounds, need more exercise than smaller dogs like pugs or chihuahuas. A shorter distance walked feels a lot longer to a dog with shorter legs!

Research the needs of the type of dog you have, but also consider what they themselves want. Is your dog happy when you take them out, or do they seem like they don’t really want to walk any further? As they age, dogs can feel less energetic and while they still enjoy their walks, they may not feel like going as far as they used to. Joint supplements for dogs can help ease stiff joints and aid mobility.

Exercising Your Dog When You Can’t Exercise Yourself

One of the best things about having a dog is that by walking it and playing with it, you ensure you also get the exercise you need to stay healthy every day. However, sometimes, you may not be in a position to do this, for instance, if you are sick or injured, or even just getting a bit too old for long walks or running!

You don’t necessarily need to walk for miles. Playing ball with your dog in the garden can enable them to run around as much as they need to get their exercise in if you are ill or disabled and unable to move around as much as your dog. So long as they are being active and having fun, you don’t actually have to be moving yourself to keep them healthy.

Watch Their Weight

Being overweight is very bad for a dog, so you should keep an eye on their weight and how it corresponds to averages for their breed. Dogs will overeat if given the chance as they are evolved from scavengers who need to worry about where their next meal is coming from, so you may need to put your dog on a diet. However, being overweight if they are otherwise healthy is due to a dog not having enough exercise.

Exercise is fun for both the dog and the owner, so make sure your dog is getting enough daily activity to maintain a healthy weight and enjoy their days. If you are concerned that your dog is overweight, take them to the vet for an obesity checkup.





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