It’s Saturday and we are so excited!  Bet you didn’t think us doggies were smart enough to figure out which day of the week was Saturday, huh?  Well…think again!  Saturday is the day that most mommies and daddies don’t have to go to work and they stay around the house and do house things and play with their doggies!  These doggies are just waiting for our mom and dad to come out and play!  Come on guys it’s time to play.  Ash has  the ball, Teddy is chasing squirrels and I am waiting patiently by the door.  We know you have to come out sometime!

Labrador Retriever

Come on guys…come out and play!


Can you see me looking in the door?  The blinds are kind of getting in my way, but don’t you think mom and dad would figure out what I am trying to say?  Doh!  Come on guys…get out here now!

Have a great Saturday doggies everywhere and kitty cats too…and make sure you play with your humans today!

Happy Tails to All…

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