We’re sorry we haven’t been around for a few days but we have been busy taking care of mom!  She got that dreadful stomach flu and has been sick since last Saturday.  That stuff is awful.  Today is the first day that she has felt a little better so we convinced her to let us back on the computer.  We don’t understand why she won’t let us on the computer without her.  We are very reliable and smart (at least we think so!) and we have lots to say.  We are thinkin’ about getting our own computer!  Best idea yet, don’t cha think?

After we begged and begged, mom decided it would be okay to let us tell all our friends out there that we have missed you and we just want to say hi…how ya all doin!?!  We will be back visiting your blogs soon.  We are so ready for mom to start feeling better so we can get back to a normal life around here!

By the way, we never got our snow and it doesn’t look like we will, but it is suppose to be like 70 degrees here tomorrow!  Guess that is better than snow any day!  We just wanted to let you all know that we haven’t forgotten you!  We have just been a little preoccupied for the moment!


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