Every time somebody says, “What kind of dog is he?”  And I say, “He’s a Plott Hound.”  And they say…what the heck is that?  It got me to thinking…just what exactly is a Plott Hound?

Wikipedia says that the Plott Hound is athletic, muscular and agile in appearance.  Diesel is for sure athletic!  He jumps the gate in the kitchen that is suppose to keep him out of the other parts of the house.  He jumps the rod fence in the backyard that is suppose to keep the dogs out of the garden and in order to do that, I would think that he has to be somewhat muscular!

Wikipedia also says that they aren’t low-set or heavy, nor leggy or light and that they have a medium build.  We think Diesel is still growing, but he won’t be a little dog for sure.  It also states that Plott Hounds have an expression of intelligence, confidence, and determination.  I don’t know how you tell what a dog’s expression is saying, but I think Diesel’s is more of determination if anything.

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Left: Diesel (Plott Hound Mix) Right: Ash (Chesapeake Bay Retriever)

Wikipedia says they have a distinct brindle-colored coat which Diesel has for sure.  His coat is beautiful!  Their hair is fine to medium in texture, short or medium in length and has a smooth and glossy appearance.

Plott Hounds are very active and Diesel is exactly that.  I’m sure Ash wishes he wasn’t so active.  I know she gets tired of him wanting to play all of the time.  They also have a superb treeing instinct and he shows us that all the time.  He loves to chase squirrels and will sit at the bottom of a tree for the longest periods of time looking for squirrels or whatever else he thinks is in the tree.

They are suppose to take readily to water…we don’t know about that yet.  He does like to bark at the pool sweep when it is going but he hasn’t gotten in the pool yet.  He will stand and bark at the pool sweep for the longest time and he’ll chase it around the pool.  It’s hilarious to watch!

He has a really deep bark and he loves to howl!  It’s the funniest thing to hear him howl.  Wikipedia says that Plott Hounds are indifferent to other dogs but they seek the attention of humans.  That doesn’t describe Diesel at all because he loves to play with other dogs but he does love attention from the humans!

If you didn’t know what a Plott Hound was before now, hopefully you have learned something new about this dog breed!

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