Just like every other animal, dogs have their own personalities and it only takes a little care and attention to keep your dog happy and contented.  If your dog has been looking a little down lately, then try out these simple methods to perk up your pooch.

Daily Exercise is Vital

Fresh air and plenty of exercise are two of the best ways to keep your dog healthy in body and mind.  If you can’t make it to the park or beach every day for that extra-long exercise session, then allowing your dog into the garden is a must.  Let your dog venture outside whenever the need strikes, by fitting your back or front door with dog flaps.  It’s an easy DIY job.  Letting your dog go outside whenever he wants is a great way to ensure he isn’t cooped up all day when you are at work or away from the home for a few hours.

Take Your Dog With You

Spending a little extra time with your dog is one of the simplest ways to provide the attention and love your pet undoubtedly needs.  If you’re driving to the supermarket, bring your dog, open the car window and watch his eyes light up.  Head to the beach for a day out playing catch or allow your dog to go swimming; most dogs love getting in the water for a paddle.  Remember, your dog probably spends a lot of time sitting around the house, so getting fresh air and seeing new sights from time to time will be a treat.

Dog walking, Dog Walk for Cancer

Dog walking—MarkScottAustinTX (Flickr.com)


A Clean Dog is a Happy Dog

You should thoroughly bathe and wash your dog at least once a week.  Use an extra gentle shampoo to keep the fur clean and soothe your dog’s skin.  You can also buy special pet grooming brushes so that the fur remains glossy and doesn’t become matted.  Your dog will definitely thank you and be much happier if you perform this kind of grooming regularly. Your dog is no doubt just like a member of the family and everyone likes a little bit of extra care and attention at times.  Regular exercise, frequent grooming and plenty of attention are the easiest ways to keep this special member of the family happy.

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