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In 2012, CBS Atlanta News conducted an experiment to see if dogs, including breeds known for being instinctive guard dogs, would protect their homes from a would-be burglar. The results showed that even pets such as German Shepherds and Rottweilers may not do much to protect a home. Some might just let the intruder carry them away without a fight. No matter what the breed, if an animal has not been trained to protect, it probably won’t ward off a potential burglar, and it could even be stolen or harmed in the process.

It’s important to include pets in the home safety and security equation. An alarm system can help protect a beloved animal from any harm, so it’s essential to consider them when purchasing the appropriate mix of effective equipment. After all, for many, pets are like family members or best friends.

Heat and Smoke Protection

Every year approximately a half million pets in the U.S. are affected by a house fire, and 40,000 are said to die annually as a result. Pet proofing your home can decrease the fire risk by ensuring that anything that can start a fire is out of your pet’s reach, such as candles or oil lamps as well as electrical cords that may be chewed on.

Locating a security provider that offers alarm monitoring is crucial as an unmonitored type of smoke alarm will do nothing to protect your pet or your home unless you are there and able to take immediate action. LifeShield Security enables you to compare the best home alarm systems, so that you can ensure you identify one with fire safety sensors.

Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide is invisible and odorless, which means that it could hurt you or your animals before you even realize that it’s there. The elderly, pregnant women, those with health issues such as respiratory problems or chronic heart disease, infants and young children, as well as pets are said to be affected by carbon monoxide poisoning faster than others, and are often the first to show symptoms.

Choosing a security company that offers a carbon monoxide detector as part of a complete package can alert you if the concentration of this toxic substance reaches a dangerous level in your home.

Pet-friendly Motion Detectors

The security system you choose should also be pet-friendly, otherwise it can become a nuisance as a standard system will regularly ring the alarm, detecting the pet as an intruder. False alarms can also be minimized by placing detectors in a location that is high enough on a wall where the pet can’t get close to it while ensuring that it doesn’t point toward areas where pets can climb.

A PIR, or passive infrared system, can be programmed to ignore pets up to a certain weight.

Installing a Secure, Automatic Pet Door

An automatic pet door that reacts to a sensor on your pet’s collar is able to trigger it open, which prevents wildlife, strays or even intruders from entering. An effective product such as the Power Pet door detects when your pet wants to enter and opens. Once he or she is back inside, it automatically locks securely to prevent all types of unwanted visitors.

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