Summer is one of the best seasons for our pooches. After all, they get to go on longer walks now that the sun is out. And they can also play out in the garden til late at night as the sun doesn’t set til later. But while there are lots of benefits, there can be a few downfalls to the summer months for our pooch. After all, the hot weather can bring health problems aplenty for our doggy. Here are some ways you can ensure your pooch stays happy and healthy this summer!




Make sure they are hydrated

It’s so easy for your dog to get dehydrated during the summer months. The summer heat can make them thirsty and it can make them lose energy when they out on their walks. In fact, you might notice them licking their lips as they have a dry mouth. To ensure it doesn’t lead to health problems, you need to make sure your dog stays hydrated during the summer months. Keep filling their water bowl to ensure they have plenty of fresh water as they need it. When you go for walks, you need to also take along their bowl and a bottle of water. You can easily get a handy collapsible bowl which will fit in your bag. That way, when you notice your dog is thirsty, you can let them have a drink while on the go.

Ensure your pooch has flea preventive

As much as your dog might love going outside in the summer months, it does pose a risk to their health. After all, fleas are a lot more common in the hotter months. In fact, they can thrive in the summer months. If you are going out in areas which are common for dogs, there might be fleas around. If your pet does get infested with these pests, they could soon end up scratching their skin. They could also end up all around your house! Therefore, to make sure this doesn’t happen, you need to get some form of flea preventive for your pooch. You could go for a spot-on treatment that is applied every month. Or you might want to go for a flea collar such as Seresto for large dogs, which can keep them flea-free for up to seven months. Remember, if you do spot any fleas in your humble abode, get some flea spray quickly!

Make sure you regularly groom your pet

It’s so common for your pet to shed in the summer months. After all, they shed their fur to keep cool during the hot weather. But unless you are properly grooming them, it might end up causing them to have health problems if they are not shedding enough. For one thing, they might start biting or licking their skin too much. If they digest too much hair, it could make them sick. Also, if you make an effort to groom them, you can notice problems like fleas and ticks before they get out of control. Therefore, make sure you regularly groom your pooch during the summer months.

You might not realize it, but your dog needs some sunscreen too. After all, their skin can be at risk of burning also!


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