The Labradoodle is part Labrador Retriever, part Poodle.  It is really the designer dog that started it all!  Labradoodles are a popular designer dog.  Famous people that own Labradoodles include Jennifer Aniston, Vice-President Biden, and Tiger Woods.  In fact, Tiger Woods owns two Labradoodles.

Labradoodles were created in Australia in the late 1980’s by a retired veterinarian.  He knew somebody that needed a guide dog, but that person was allergic to dogs.  To solve the problem he mixed a Labrador Retriever and Poodle.  The Lab because it is a gentle and intelligent dog and the Poodle because it is a gentle and low-shedding dog.  He created a good service dog by mixing the two breeds.  This dog is good for somebody that has allergies.  The Labradoodle is not hypo-allergenic.  In fact, no dog is.  They are a good choice for allergy sufferers because they secrete less dander than other types of dogs.

Labradoodle characteristics include a broad head, well- defined eyebrows and their coats come in every color.  The Labradoodle has three basic coat types.  The first basic coat type is hair which is straighter, fleece which is wavy and wool which is curly.  The wool coat is the curliest and the most allergy friendly.

Labradoodles can live in large or small spaces.  They need lots of exercise and things to do.

They can have inherited health problems.  The biggest problem is hip dysplasia.  They can also develop some genetic eye problems.

As far as grooming goes, this kind of dog is pretty low maintenance.  It just needs a little brushing and a little bathing.

Labradoodles are easy to train.  LIke most dogs, you need to start training early.  They have a lot of energy and they need a lot of help in focusing that energy in the right direction.

Labradoodles make a great family pet and they shed very little.  They are also cute and adorable!

Watch this video of  Tom: The Singing Labradoodle!  He is so cute!

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