A dog is a man’s best friend. Dogs are loyal, great company and can provide protection for your family.

There are lots of dogs around – but let’s face it, you probably think your dog is the best! It’s only natural therefore that you want him to stand out from the crowd. Perhaps you love your dog and want others to notice him, but aren’t sure how to do this? Well, a great way to get your dog noticed is to buy him a designer dog collar.

A dog collar is a piece of material that is put around the neck of your dog. They are useful for controlling your dog manually, as they provide a handle for grabbing – or, if used with a leash, can help to control a dog when out walking. What’s more, collars can be used to identify your furry friend and look quite snazzy!

There are hundreds of designer dog collars available and whether your dog is excitable, quiet or quirky, you will find a dog colour to match. There are some things you need to consider before you get your dog a designer collar though. Read on to find out what these are.


Cool Dog Collar

 Designer Dog Collar



When buying a dog collar you need to make sure you get the right size – of course size is also important when it comes to other dog items like luxury dog beds, which will correlate directly with the breed of dog you own. If you have a smaller dog, it’s okay to opt for a collar that is light and less sturdy – as the chances of your dog being able to break free when you are taking a stroll in the park are slim. If you have a bigger dog, then you will need a strong collar that will hold them back. This is especially good for larger dogs that are not quite trained.

When selecting your dog collar, make sure it’s not too tight and fits around your dog’s neck nicely. To insure the right fit, try inserting two fingers between the collar and your dog. If you are unable to fit the fingers then the collar is too tight.


 Cool Dog Bed

The Perfect Bed for Your Dog



Dog collars are made from a range of materials – but two of the most popular are leather and nylon. A nylon collar normally costs less than a leather one and won’t last as long. However, if your dog spends lots of time outdoors and gets wet often, you might prefer a nylon one as they tend to be waterproof.

Leather and nylon collars are better for dogs that are older and well-trained. The accompanying buckle is adjusted around your dog’s neck, but does not tighten once fastened.

If your dog isn’t well-trained then you may want to get a collar that is made specifically for training. There are different types you can purchase, but a popular one is the metal choke collar. This collar is similar to a slip knot and is placed over your dog’s head. When your dog pulls against their leash the collar will tighten up; causing pressure on his neck. This is used for training because this will eventually teach your dog from pulling hard on their collar.


Once you have selected the size and material of your dog collar, then you need to do the best bit – personalize it. Your designer dog collar will allow your dog to stand out from the crowd, so put your dog’s name on it in fancy writing or colors. You could also add some glitter and sparkle to it. Make sure your address is somewhere on the dog collar though, so if your dog is ever lost he can be returned to you.


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