Dogs provide us with loyal, loving companionship. They greet us in the morning, they’re thrilled when we get home from work, and they can’t wait to go on that hiking adventure with us over the weekend. They depend on us to be providers and offer them love and affection. However, we sometimes ignore the sage wisdom they can give us if we’re willing to pay attention. Dogs are more than capable of teaching us how to truly enjoy life.

Slow Down, Enjoy the Ride

Don’t be in such a hurry – there’s no reason to rush! Think of all the times your pup moseyed on over when it was time to go outside or to the car. It’s not that they’re not enthusiastic; they’re moving with purpose. Think about your daily routine. You wake up, eat breakfast (sometimes), shower, get dressed and go to work. You may have tunnel vision as you struggle to get to your desk in time to clock in. Rather than live a rushed existence, take a little more time to plan and prepare so you can allow yourself the flexibility to enjoy the day and all it has to offer.

Plot Hound goes for a ride

Stop and Smell the…

You may not enjoy the same scents your dog does, but you should take every opportunity to savor that which deserves to be savored. When is the last time you enjoyed a meal – really, truly enjoyed it? Have you watched a movie without looking at your smartphone within the last few months? Simplify your environment and don’t miss out on the beautiful things around you; there are more than you think if you stop and look around.

Make New Friends

Remember when you went to the dog park and watched your buddy gleefully run toward his four-legged friends with a stream of slobber hanging out of his mouth? He didn’t know them, but he wasn’t shy. You, like your dog, should not be afraid to approach others. Everyone has something to offer, but if people don’t know you, they don’t know what your good traits are. So go ahead and introduce yourself to that group at the party – who knows what will come of your new associations.

Plot Hound and Lab Best Friends

Take Naps

Your body and mind need rest. How do you think your dog stays so alert all the time? If you have an opportunity to doze off for a few minutes, do it. These opportunities may be rare, but you’ll be glad you took advantage of them when it’s all said and done.

Plot Hound Takes a Nap

Unbridled Enthusiasm is Charming

Dogs attack life with vigor. They pay no mind to anyone who may be watching them – unless, of course, they’re trying to impress. The point is, dogs possess no guile. They want give love and want to be loved. What you see is what you get, and what you see is a wet tongue and a wagging tail coming at you full throttle when you’ve been reunited, even when you were only apart for a couple minutes because you went to get the mail. What do you want in life? Go out and get it, because that’s what your dog would do.

Dog Learning to Swim


Ron Rutherford enjoys dogs, camping, and the occasional outdoor concert. He writes for Havahart Wireless, manufacturers of high-end electric fencing for dogs.


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