Dogs are wonderful creatures and any dog owner would tell you the same. Of course, these marvelous animals do come with their downsides but, for the most part, having a dog in the home is a pleasure some can’t live without. Unfortunately, though, dogs don’t have huge lifespans and when they start to get older, it can really show. At this point in their life, it’s time for you to start returning the favor for all of the love they’ve given over the years. It’s time for you to step up and start working hard to make your dog’s life as enjoyable as possible. To help you out, this post will be going through three areas of a dog’s life that have to change into old age.

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When your dog is young, they will be an unrelenting ball of energy, with the ability to exhaust even the fittest of humans. This will last for many years. As they become an adult, they will become much easier to control and exercise. But, of course, they still need it and, this doesn’t change; even when they get really old. In fact, it can be more important to exercise an older dog than a young one. Without exercise, they will become unfit and find it harder to exercise when they get the chance. Along with this, without proper activities, they will get bored. Your dog doesn’t have to be running marathons every day but, taking them to places they’ve never been once in awhile is a great way to enrich their life with something more.

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Next, you can start to consider the food your dog eats. Much like humans, all animals have to get the right balance of nutrients in their diet. As your dog gets older, they will rely on different types of food to keep them going. Feeding your mutt the same food you fed it as a puppy could have a huge negative impact on your dog. Usually, your dog will start to gain or lose weight, and start to look ill if you feed them the wrong food for a long time. Thankfully, getting the right food for your dog isn’t too hard. There are loads of brands out there which have product lines designed for older canines. A great example of a company like this is Hills. Their Science Plan line-up has everything you could possibly need to feed an aging dog but, you should always do research to find food for your specific breed of dog.

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General Health

Again, much like humans, dogs will often suffer from a list of common ailments as they get older. Unfortunately, your dog can’t speak up about these issues. Instead, you have to keep your eyes open to notice when things are wrong. One of the most common issues faced by older dogs is arthritis. As they age, their joints will wear down and become painful. As this sort of issue develops, it can become agonizing for your dog; who can’t do anything about it. A mix of the right diet and activities during their life would help prevent this but, you’d need the help and advice of a vet to solve the issue entirely. You should always be ready to spot something like this and to do this; you have to know the symptoms to look out for. Thankfully, it’s easy to find pages specifically related to your breed of dog; to give you an idea of what they might face. This sort of research will almost always pay off.

Next, you need to think about how you will treat your pet. Of course, you will always be taking them to the vet for the bigger things, but the smaller things could be treated at home. A lot of people self-medicate for their own illnesses and doing the same isn’t too hard with a dog. For example, a lot of dogs will suffer from Cushing’s in their old age. This issue is often treated with expensive melatonin treatments but the same objective can be achieved with something much cheaper. Holistic treatment of cushings in dogs come in a variety of forms. Most of the options come directly from mother nature herself and they don’t contain more than one ingredient. So, looking at options like this could be a great way to treat your dog.

Hopefully, this post will give you an idea of what needs to be done with your dog as they get into later life. These times can be hard for pet owners but you can’t think about yourself. At this point, your job is to make your pet’s life as good as possible.





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