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Scout here…

Mommy thinks it’s necessary to lock us dogs up in the kitchen/family room area and she does so with a gate.  She started locking us up in this area like jail doggies cos I seemed to have a little problem!  Yep, when Teddy was adopted into the family I wasn’t real happy about having another male dog around and I made sure mommy knew it.  I marked everything in her house from the downstairs to the upstairs and I am still marking it.  So mommy decided it would be best to keep me locked up in the family room so I couldn’t do my thing.

Pet Gates from Richell
There came a point where I got tired of being in doggy jail and I started breaking out of the gate.  I have to admit, I’m a pretty smart dog!  I figured out how to push the bottom of the gate out with my nose and I would go under the gate!  Genious, huh?!?

Mommy wasn’t real happy when I learned how to break out and when she was offered the chance to try out a Richell Hands-Free Pet Gate she was really excited!  It came in the mail and hu daddy had it together within hours.  I have to say, that’s pretty good for hu daddy cos mommy has a hard time getting hu daddy to do any chores around here!

Hu daddy got the gate put together and you would have thought that mommy got a really expensive gift from someone.  She was absolutely thrilled with the gate!  I can’t push the bottom of this gate out like I could the other gate, and I am stuck in the family room all of the time.  Mommy thinks this thing is better than grilled cheese!


Pet Gate

Can you tell that I’m not too happy about this new gate?

Mommy likes the Hands-Free Pet Gate because it has a specially designed foot pedal that opens the gate door.  That way you don’t have to use your hands to open it.  Too cool!  It also stands 36.6″ tall to accommodate dogs 8.8 – 88 pounds.  It has adjuster knobs that attach the gate to the doorway or hallway opening using tension-mount installation which makes it really hard for me to push the gate open.  In fact, I have tried and tried but there is no way I’m getting out of this gate.  Mommy says that for a pet gate it is really good looking!  Much better than that plastic gate she was using!

Pet Gate
Mommy loves her new pet gate and she loves the fact that I can’t escape and mark her furniture and walls!  She is so happy!  You can find out more about Richell’s products by visiting their website!  They have some really cool pet products that you should check out!

Hands Free Pet Gate
Just so you know…these gates are not certified for children and babies and should be for indoor use only.  This means that you should not use these gates to attempt to keep your pet indoors.  They are meant to help keep your pet out of a room they should not be in and I guess for me, that means all of the rooms in the house except the kitchen and family room.  Mommy is just no fun!

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