If you live in Manhattan, dog training is an absolute must for your furry four-legged friend.  New York City’s high density of people, traffic and other animals means that city dwellers face a number of unique challenges when it comes to pet ownership in Manhattan. Dog training classes with an experienced trainer will help you avoid many of the problems and dilemmas that pet owners commonly encounter.

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Control Your Dog’s Behavior with Simple Dog Training Commands

In a city environment, one of the most significant benefits to a well-trained dog involves the ability to control the dog’s behavior with simple commands. For instance, a dog who barks can cause serious conflict with neighbors and it can even lead to eviction, so teaching a “quiet” command can mean the difference between staying in your home and being forced to relocate because your dog’s barking is driving the neighbor’s nuts! In fact, some city landlords even require a training certificate, particularly for so-called “aggressive” dog breeds.

In addition to assisting with basic and more advanced commands, many Manhattan dog training schools have experienced staff on hand to help you to work through behavioral problems such as barking, housebreaking, chewing and other issues that can cause problems with your landlord or neighbors.

Heel, Sit, and Stay

While walking your dog in Manhattan, dog training skills can mean the difference between an enjoyable stroll and a very stressful experience.  A dog who knows how to heel, sit and stay is more apt to be well-behaved in a crowd situation, such as those that you may encounter while walking down a busy street.  Trying to wrangle a large dog while waiting for the walk sign at an intersection can test even the most patient owner. There’s nothing fun about attempting to control a dog that’s jumping up on strangers and clothes-lining small children with the leash, all while trying to pull you out into moving traffic.

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Another perk of getting your dog trained involves socialization.  Living in Manhattan means that you and your dog are in close proximity with other humans and other dogs.  An elevator ride down to street level can quickly turn into a nightmare if your dog decides he wants to jump up on the grumpy woman from apartment B; that same elevator ride can turn downright dangerous if your dog gets aggressive with another dog because he has no idea how to properly interact with another canine.

Dog Obedience

Distraction Dog Training in Manhattan

Because of the great importance of training for distractions, many Manhattan dog training schools provide you with an opportunity and education in the proper method of exposing your pet to other dogs and people.  This is particularly important for younger dogs, which can have serious issues as adults if they’re not properly socialized throughout puppyhood and adolescence.

In addition, many Manhattan residents hire dog walkers and pet sitters to care for their animals. Have you ever tried to keep a dog walker on-staff when your pet doesn’t understand the most basic commands?  You’ll go through dog walkers faster than you ever dreamed possible!

City living means that Manhattan pet owners are faced with an array of unique challenges.  City dogs must be good citizens due to their frequent interactions with humans and other dogs.  Many professional Manhattan dog training schools have dog trainers ready, willing and able to transform your pet into a well-behaved dog that will be the envy of every urban dog owner!


Dedicated Dog Training, founded by James Colella offers Manhattan dog training  programs for all sizes, breeds and ages.  For more information on Dedicated Dog Training please feel free to contact:  Info@DedicatedDogTraining.com , call: (888) 370-7477, or visit http://www.DedicatedDogTraining.com


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