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Enter to win a Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner by clicking here and leave us a comment stating why you would like to have one!

Robot Vacuum Cleaners
Mommy thinks that the one thing that would make Christmas a Christmas to remember, is a Neato Robot Vacuum!  She says it would be really nice to turn it on and sit, with her feet propped up and watch it vacuum up all the dog hair, twigs, dirt and everything else us dogs bring in!

Pet Shedding
Christmas is always a stressful time and mommy thinks that having one of these robot vacuum cleaners would help relieve a little bit of the stress.  Vacuuming would be one less thing that mommy would have to do, and mommy thinks that would be awesome!

If you think a Neato Robot Vacuum would help make your life a little easier, you need to enter this giveaway!  You could win a Neato Botvac 85!  The sweepstakes closes November 30, 2014 at 11:59 PM EST.  Click on the picture below to enter or go here to enter!

Win a Neato Robotics Vacuum
Not only does Neato have this cool vacuum but they have a Shedding Solutions Guide that has some great information for all you pet owners out there!  Mommy learned some cool stuff from this guide!  For example:  Did you know that a dog has about 60,000 hairs per square inch!  No wonder we shed so much!

Neato Shed Solutions Guide
Leave us a comment and tell us something cool that you learned from the Shed Solutions Guide!  We can’t wait to hear what you learned!

Are you wondering why these vacuums might be a great item to put on your want list for Christmas?

  • They are recognized for their smart navigation, powerful suction, design features and brushes that clean hard to reach spots.
  • They work especially well for pet hair and dirt across a variety of floor surfaces.
  • They have consistently been reviewed as “Best For Pets” by Cnet, DailyTekk, PC Magazine and PetGuide.
  • It vacuums around objects, into tight corners, under beds, and across multi-surface areas.
  • They are automatic and can be scheduled by time to run daily, have no cords, and are bagless.
  • They sound pretty awesome, don’t they?

We think this robot vacuum is pretty cool because it falls into the top tier of performance vacuums.  It can pick up particles that measure only .3 microns.  Wow…that’s pretty little!  FYI…a top tier vacuum is the very best you can get! 

Pet Hair
Would you like to learn more about this cool vacuum?  You can find out more information here.


Don’t go yet!  Would you like another chance to win one of these cool vacuums?  There’s a second sweepstakes going on over on Neato Robotic’s website.  You only have a few days to enter as it ends at 11:59 PM, November 25th!  Go here to enter.

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