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Mommy’s very first dog was a little Chihuahua/Terrier Mix.  When mommy was five years old she begged and begged her parents to get her a dog, but they said no because there was no one home all day long to take care of a dog.  So…no dog.  But, mommy loved dogs and she was going to have a dog no matter what!

Mommy got an allowance each week, so she secretly saved her money because she was going to have a dog one day, no matter what her parents said!

One of mommy’s friends had a dog that had puppies and mommy was so excited!  Now, mommy didn’t get much of an allowance and it took her a long time to save it up, but she had saved $5 and that was what her friend was selling the puppies for.  Mommy walked down the street to her friend’s house and paid $5 for a puppy.

Mommy brought the puppy home and I bet you can guess what happened!  Mommy got in trouble for buying a puppy.  Needless to say, her parents weren’t too happy with her.  She got in trouble but they decided to let her keep the puppy.  She named the puppy Friskey and everyone fell in love with him!  He was an exceptional dog and was easily potty trained and fit right in with the family.  All the neighbors loved him and mommy’s parents loved him too!  If he needed to go out at night, he would stand by mommy’s daddy’s side of the bed and put his whiskers in mommy’s daddy’s face.  That would wake her daddy up and he would let Friskey out!

Friskey's Favorite Place

Friskey loved sleeping on mommy’s bed!

Mommy’s parents were teachers and her dad was the high school basketball coach.  When mommy’s parents would leave for games, they would just raise the garage door enough for Friskey to come and go as he pleased.  They left food, water and a bed in the garage and if he got lonesome, he would go visit the neighbors, which he did quite often.  They fed him, petted him and spoiled him!

One elderly neighbor who lived across and down the street really loved Friskey.  He visited her a lot during the day while mommy was at school and her parents were at work.  One day there was a big hail storm and when mommy’s mother came home from work, the telephone rang and the neighbor said, “When the weather clears I will send Friskey home!”  That is how much people watched out for Friskey.  He was such an awesome dog!

Terrier/Chihuahua Mix

Mommy had a hard time finding good pictures of Friskey:( It was such a long time ago that she had him that a lot of her pictures have faded.

Another time the neighbor across the street was moving to another house.  Friskey had been there all day watching the movers.  He fell asleep and when the movers left and locked the house, Friskey was still inside.  Mommy came home from school and couldn’t find him.  She called and called his name and when she still couldn’t find him, she started knocking on her neighbor’s doors.  Guess who she found looking out the picture window of the house across the street?  You guessed it, it was Friskey!  To get him out of the neighbor’s house, mommy’s parents had to drive to the neighbor’s new home to get the key to the house, then back to the neighbor’s old house to let Friskey out, and then back to the neighbor’s new house to return the key!

When mommy was growing up, Friskey was her constant companion.  They were always together.  Friskey was mommy’s best friend.

When mommy left for college she missed Friskey very much and he missed mommy, but mommy had a brother that took very good care of Friskey while she was away.  One day while mommy was in college she got a telephone call from her parents saying that Friskey had gone to doggy heaven.  Friskey was roaming the neighborhood like he usually did and a big dog across the alley attacked Friskey and the vet couldn’t save him.  Mommy was very sad and she shed many, many tears.  But mommy knew that Friskey was in doggy heaven and he was happy and running free.

Mommy still thinks about Friskey quite often.  He was a great dog and even though she got in trouble for getting him, he was worth it!  Mommy says it was amazing how Friskey roamed the neighborhood and how these days, you would never think of letting your dog roam the neighborhood.  Wow…things have changed so much since mommy was a little girl!  Mommy would never let us roam the neighborhood like that!  She says it’s too scarey to even think about!

I hope you liked our story about mommy’s first dog.  We love hearing about the pets that mommy had before she got us!

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