I’m gonna have to turn this one over to Teddy and Ash cause this mischief happened while I was sound asleep at the bottom of mom’s bed!  So here’s Ash to tell you their mischief story!

Hi, ya all!  Ash here….

First of all, did you catch on to the….”ya all”?  We are from Oklahoma and we totally have that Okie accent!  “Ya all” is our kind of slang 😉 Pretty cool, huh?  Anyways, a couple of nights ago Teddy and I heard this strange sound in the middle of the night.  You see, Teddy and I sleep out in the sun room and we have our own doggie door.  We don’t get to sleep with mom like Scout does cause we don’t sleep at the foot of the bed like Scout does!  I for one, try to sleep on top of mom and she says I am too heavy for that!  Don’t know why…I just like to be close to my humans!  Teddy on the other hand, doesn’t like to sleep on mom’s bed.  He likes to be in the sun room and he barks and barks until mom puts him out.  But get this, if mom doesn’t put me out there with him he keeps barking.  Once mom puts me out with Teddy he stops barking and he goes and lays down on his couch.  Yes, we both have a couch in the sun room to sleep on.  We aren’t spoiled or anything!

So…the other night mom put us out around 10:00 pm like she always does and we went to our couches and went to sleep.  Mom and Scout went to her bed but in the middle of the night we woke mom and dad up with our barking.  We were outside barking really loud cause there was this unknown object in the tree making sounds at us!  Hey, don’t you know those are our trees and we didn’t say you could be there?  So we barked and barked so mom and dad had to come see what all the commotion was about.

This owl just sat in that tree with those big eyes staring at us while it was making those strange hooting noises!  That owl was one loud bird!  Teddy and I have never seen an owl so we barked and barked while it hooted and hooted!  The three of us were making quite a bit of noise but Teddy and I finally scared that owl away!  I don’t really think it was Teddy and I that were causing the mischief so we are going to blame the mischief on the owl!  We thinks we are lucky that the owl didn’t swoop down and pick one of us up and carry us away!  Mom says we are too heavy for that to happen, but you never know, right?

Mom didn’t get any pictures of that owl.  She says it was in the middle of the night and she didn’t have her camera.  Maybe she should sleep with her camera for special occasions like this!  We did the next best thing, we found some owl pictures for you!

Us Dogs Don't Like Owls

Wouldn’t he have scared you in the middle of the night with those hooting noises?

See how scary he looks?  Look at those great big eyes.  Did you know that they can’t move their eyes in their sockets very much, so they have to turn their entire head to see in a different direction?  They have great binocular vision which means they have the ability to view an object with both eyes at the same time.  They perceive depth with great precision because of their binocular vision and it helps them to spot and capture their prey.  Good thing they mostly eat mice, squirrels, voles and rabbits and not dogs like us!

Dogs and Owls

We don’t see many owls in our backyard but they are kind of pretty.  Don’t you think?

Did you know that owls don’t just make that hooting sound?  They also screech, hiss and scream.  So picture this…us two dogs are sleeping, and are sleeping quite soundly I might add, and all of a sudden we hear a hooting noise along with screeching and hissing.  You tell me, isn’t that cause for lots of barking?  Well, of course it is!

Here’s to another great Monday Mischief Day!



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