Hi guys!  It’s Phe here!  Scout was nice enough to let me do the post today!  Do you think it’s cause he’s happy I’m home?  Or is it because he doesn’t like the mischief us other three caused this morning?  Probably the later 😎

This is me after the mischief making this morning!  I’m tired…can you tell?

Tired Pittie

Okay…I think I have my 2nd wind!  I’m ready to go again!


This is what we do in the mornings!  Well, all of us except for Scout.  He doesn’t think it’s so much fun to chase the little yappy dog behind the fence!  Sorry the video is so long but mommy uploaded it from her iPhone and she didn’t know how to edit it!  Watch closely cause there is one part where I hurdle Ash (about the 1:53 mark).  I am showing off my athletic ability 😆   Toward the end of the video you’ll see Ash really get into it!  She really wants those dogs behind the fence!

Do you see why I am so tired?  As if that isn’t bad enough, mommy keeps playing the video and I swear I hear dogs barking 😀  I keep getting up and running outside to the back fence and there aren’t any dogs there?  Why do I keep hearing those dogs barking?  Hmmmmm…is mommy playing a mean trick on me?

One last picture…

This one is of Ash after she was finished chasing the dogs.  She looks kind of tired too!  She got a really good workout and between you and me…she needs it!  She just doesn’t have that perfect body like me!  Tee Hee!


I am taking my mischief making to a new level and making it into a good thing by asking you to vote for my picture where I tore up the couch 😳   Our shelter is over capacity and I want to help out the doggies and kitties there.  If I win the contest, I will donate part of the winnings to the animal shelter.  Won’t you please go vote for me and help me win!  Go here to vote!  You can vote everyday through the 22nd.  Please, please, please vote!

My friends over at Paws for Life have an Instagram account now!  Please go over and follow them.  It’s @paws_for_life or just click here and follow!  Paws for Life helps out our animal shelter here in Edmond, Oklahoma.  Please follow them and help spread the word about all the dogs and cats that need a home!

We’re on Instagram too, but we only have three pictures 😥   You can go here to follow us!

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