Don’t know if she was really the life of the party but guess who is causing mischief again!  Not hard to guess, huh?  We really don’t think Phe means to do it…we think she just attracts it!


Hu bro came over and got Phe the other night.  He took her over to see all of the volunteers from the animal shelter.  They were really happy to see her and she was pretty excited herself!  So excited that she got a little territorial.  Now, I don’t really know what happened but Phe got in a fight with another dog.  She came home with a couple of wounds but nothing major.  The other dog’s name is Spud.  You might remember him from a post that mom wrote.  She blogged about Spud on a “Blog the Change for Animals” post.  Spud was at the animal shelter and was finally adopted by his foster parents!  He is such a cutie.  You can read about him here.


Anyway, both dogs were okay but we think Phe provoked it!  Hu sis says that Phe must go up to the other dogs and tell them she’s Princess Phe and they don’t like it!  Then the fights break out.  If you remember, her and Gator got into it when their collars got locked and we haven’t told anybody, but Teddy and Phe got into it too.  Phe got the worst of it with both Gator and Teddy but maybe she has figured out how to protect herself by now.  She really has to chill!


Phe says she just wanted to make sure that the party was fun and all the nice ladies had a really good time!  We don’t know if she accomplished that, but what we do know is…they will NEVER forget Phe!


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