We haven’t written a Monday Mischief post since the incident with Phe.  We told mommy that we needed to write about Diesel cause he caused some mischief the other night.  She finally agreed.  You see, Phe became the topic of most of our Monday Mischief posts after she came to live with us.  She was such a mess, but we kept her anyways!  She was always into something and therefore, we always had something to write about.  When Phe crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, we didn’t have any mischief to write about anymore.  But then Thanksgiving night, Diesel gave us a Monday Mischief story!

Sick Puppy!

What? Me? I’m the perfect puppy! I would never do anything wrong!

All was quiet and everyone was asleep, when all of a sudden Diesel sat up in mommy’s bed and puked all over mommy and the bed.  Mommy had to get up and change into different pajamas and she got a towel and cleaned up the puke.  Next she laid a towel over the wet sheets cause mommy says there was no way she was changing the sheets in the middle of the night.  Besides that, mommy couldn’t get daddy to wake up so there wasn’t anyway she was going to change the sheets even if she had wanted to.  Diesel laid next to mommy all night and shook.  Mommy thinks maybe he ate something that made him sick.  He was feeling much better by morning.  Thank goodness!

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