Scout here….

Well…it wasn’t all the way to China, but you get the picture!

Honesty, I don’t know why Diesel thought he had to dig a hole in the yard!  Hu daddy says he was digging a hole to Colorado because that’s where Diesel’s daddy is!  I know that’s not true because he likes us better!  Shhhh!  I didn’t say that!

So the story goes like this…

Mommy walked outside yesterday and Diesel came running to meet her.  Only when he got to mommy, he was covered in mud.  He jumped up on mommy and now mommy was covered in mud.  Mommy was holding onto Diesel so he wouldn’t run into the house and she was yelling at daddy to get out there.  OMG!  There was mud everywhere.  You see, it has been raining here the past few days and Diesel decided that it was time to dig, and dig he did!

Daddy got outside and they got Diesel out of the sunroom into the pool.  Diesel did not like getting in the pool but mommy and daddy decided that would be the best way to get the mud off.  They got it off and now us dogs are blocked off from that side of the yard and we really like that side of the yard because that’s where all the squirrels are.  Diesel didn’t think the hole digging through real well!

You have to see what Diesel looked like!


dog digging a hole

What…I didn’t do anything wrong!

Dog Digging Hole

This is my hole Ash! Move over!

Dog digging holes

Come on guys! I want to dig!

Muddy dog

I don’t know why you are making such a big deal out of this! It was just a hole!

Why Do Dogs Dig?

We think Diesel dug the hole because it was muddy and it looked like fun!  But there are reasons that dogs dig.  Some of those reasons could be boredom, digging for prey, trying to escape, wanting attention, or for comfort and/or protection.

We know that Diesel wasn’t bored.  Heck, he has three of us dogs to play with and he can run in and out of the house whenever he wants because we have a doggy door.  He torments Ash all day long, hunts squirrels and chases the dog behind the fence whenever he can.  Diesel is not bored!  We are sure of that.

As far as hunting prey, the only prey to hunt in our backyard are squirrels and I don’t think any of them buried themselves underground!  So, I don’t think he was hunting for prey.

If he was trying to escape, he should have been smart enough to dig under the fence instead of in the middle of the backyard.  That is one long hole he would have to dig to get out of the backyard!

Diesel gets so much attention that I don’t think that that is why he was digging.  That dog is one spoiled dog and as far as comfort and protection, all he has to do is walk though the doggy door and he has all the comfort and protection that any dog would want!

Why did Diesel think he had to dig a hole?

Diesel told me that he dug it cause it was muddy outside and it looked like fun!  It was loads of fun alright!  Everyone got muddy and Diesel got dumped in the swimming pool!  Well, he didn’t get dumped.  Hu daddy got in with him and put him in gently.  Diesel stood on the steps while mommy got all the mud off of him.  Mommy says that swimming pool comes in handy!

Happy Monday Mischief!

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