Is this a great picture of Diesel or what?!?


Cute Puppy

He looks really focused.  I wonder what he was looking at? 


Anyway, I bet you are having a hard time guessing what he was up to! Here he is in action!

He is really into getting that tennis ball!  Do you remember last Monday when we posted about him digging to China and back?  Well, at least this time he has a reason to dig!  He has to get that tennis ball! 

Diesel has been at the lake all weekend with his daddy.  They have been sending us videos and it looks like he is having a blast! 

We sure miss having him around.  It is way too quiet around here without him.  We can’t wait til they get back home!

So, our Monday Mischief is really Diesel’s Monday Mischief and his new sand lipstick!  Isn’t he the cutest!

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