Scout’s appointment at the Oklahoma State Veterinary Hospital was last Wednesday at 1:00 pm.  Stillwater is about a 60 minute drive from our home so we loaded him up around 12:00 and off we went to see if they couldn’t tell us something more definitive.  If you are wondering what is going on and why Scout is going to the hospital, you can read about it here.

This isn’t our first rodeo with visiting the Oklahoma State Veterinary Hospital.  When our yellow Lab, whose name was Summer, had liver cancer; we spent a lot of time burning up the highway from Edmond to Stillwater.  We were very impressed with this teaching hospital when we were taking Summer there, and found that it hadn’t changed much when we got there yesterday.  Everyone was very caring and you could tell that they loved the animals!  They talked baby talk to the dogs that were in the waiting room and the dogs adored the staff back!

Back to Scout…So we left the house with high hopes!  When we got there, Scout was perfectly happy sniffing out all of the other dogs that had visited the hospital!


Oklahoma State Veterinary Hospital

I got a scent guys! Other dogs have been here! I smell them!


Oklahoma State University Teaching Hospital

What is that smell?



Okay…we can go in and see the doc now!

Once we got him inside, I had to fill out all of the paperwork.  He was such a good boy…he just laid on the cool floor and slept!

I Love Cold Floors!
Once they got us back in the examination room, he was so happy!  The girls thought he was awesome and paid lots of attention to him!  He thought he was quite important.  They checked him all out and his vitals were all okay.  Next the cardiologist came in and I do have to say I was quite impressed!  He sat down on the floor with Scout and petted him.  He even let Scout kiss on him.  Did I say I was really impressed?

He listened to Scout and heard some crackling in his lungs so the next step was x-rays and then an ultrasound.  They let us come in the room while they did the ultrasound.

So where are we now?  Actually, I really don’t know.  The crackling in his lungs can mean several things.

This was the diagnosis:  Coughing – rule out chronic bronchitis, lung worms, fungal disease, collapsing trachea, and atypical pneumonia. 

This is what the prognosis said:  Chronic bronchitis is an incurable disease of insidious onset that is usually seen in middle to older small breed dogs.  Dogs have chronic, persistent cough caused by chronic (non-infectious) inflammation of the airways, as well as mucus hypersecretion.  The cough is usually productive with gagging, but because dogs do not expectorate, the production of excessive mucus may be difficult to recognize.  Definitive diagnosis is made by cytological evaluation of the lower airways done with bronchoalveolar lavage.  Other cardio-respiratory diseases should be excluded; e.g. congestive heart failure, bacterial pneumonia, fungal pneumonia, and neoplasia.  Coexisting diseases such as congestive heart failure and airway collapse (collapsing trachea) may be present and may complicate the diagnosis and treatment of chronic bronchitis.  Treatment is aimed at the following categories:  1) control of body weight, 2) relief of airway obstruction and inflammation, 3) control of cough, 4) control of infection, 5) oxygen therapy for acute exacerbations of respiratory compromise.

So they sent us home with Azithromycin and Panacur hoping that after he takes those for 10 days he will be better.  Azithromycin is an antibiotic and Panacur is a worming medicine.  If he doesn’t get better he is scheduled to go back on July 29th when they will perform a bronchoscopy.

We were hoping that this medicine would do the trick when after one dose of the stuff, Scout started throwing up blood.  Back to the vet on Thursday morning.  He spent the day there, and when we brought him home Thursday evening, he acted like he was feeling better.  Our vet took him off of the Azithromycin and put him on a different antibiotic.  He actually ate his food and hasn’t missed a meal since which is unusual for him because since all of this has been going on, he hasn’t had much of an appetite.  Oh…and no more blood!  Woo Hoo!

He has lost about 10 pounds and sleeps a lot.  When he sleeps, he doesn’t cough.  I do have to say, that before he got sick he slept a lot…so that probably isn’t anything that is unusual.  The only treats he will eat are DOGGY DELIRIOUS BERRY BONES.  I also picked up a box of DOGGY DELIRIOUS PEANUT BUTTER BONES to see if he would eat those. They are made in the US and they have no corn, no wheat, no soy and no preservatives.  The Berry Bones are made from ground peas, blueberry puree, raspberry puree, blackberry puree, pumpkin puree, crushed peanuts, non-gmo canola oil, organic molasses and water.  He loves them so hopefully he will like the peanut butter ones too!  They make all different kinds of bones, including sweet potato, pumpkin apple cinnamon, minty pear, cranberry carrot and cheesy bones.  You can find them here.

When he won’t eat his dog food, I cook for him which consists of mostly chicken and rice and hamburger and rice.  Most of the time he will eat those meals.

So that is my update on Scout.  Not much news, but hopefully we are on our way to helping him feel better.  We are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that the medicine will be the cure, but you know how that goes!

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