I thought it was only appropriate to take my very 1st selfie with a New Year’s hat on! 

Well, it’s not really a hat, but whatever it is, I thought I looked rather pretty in it and wanted to show it off! 

We hope all of you had a very Happy New Year’s Eve and we wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year! 

We didn’t do much for New Year’s:(

We just sat around and watched television but that was okay with us dogs cause we got to spend one-on-one time with mommy and daddy! 

That was the best!

Chessie Selfie
Have I mentioned that hu sis just got married and hu bro got married in October?  I know Scout has talked about how busy it has been at our house, but I just had to mention it again!  Mommy has been really busy with weddings and all.

We also had a major catastrophe over Thanksgiving:(  Due to all of the ice that we got, our sunroom roof collapsed.  Now that is our doggie room and we spend most of our time out there.  It has a/c and heat and it is perfect for us.  Well, now we don’t have the sunroom anymore.  They came and tore it down so now we spend all of our time in the house with mommy and daddy.  That is kind of cool but we really liked it better when we could just go in and out whenever we wanted.  Yes, we were really spoiled!  We didn’t realize what a great life we had until the sunroom came down!

When the roof collapsed it flooded our entire house downstairs.  Now mommy is picking out new carpet, tile and all kinds of stuff.  Mommy thought she was going to get to rest once the weddings were over but mommy thought wrong!  Now she has to get the house back in order!

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