Today is National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day!  This day is a day to recognize Bulldogs for their beauty!  The Bulldog is definitely unique in it’s appearance with all those wrinkles!  They have saggy skin and don’t forget that underbite that makes them look like they are frowning all of the time.  As if that isn’t enough, they also drool and slobber most of the time which at times is just downright gross.  Even though they have all these things against them, they are still beautiful in their own way!  And they are the cutest, most adorable puppies!  Just take a look:

National Bulldog Day

Too Precious!


National Bulldog Day

I’m sexy and I know it!  Just sayin’!


National Bulldog Day

I’m pretty special too!


National Bulldog Day

We kinda like each other!

From Bulldog puppies to grown up doggies, they are pretty special dogs.  The Bulldogs in the pictures above belong to a friend of ours.  The first few pictures are puppy pictures and the last picture is them getting older…not much though as they are only a year old in the last picture.

If your furry friend is a Bulldog, you should do something special for him today!  Maybe go for a car ride, a walk in the park or buy him a new toy!  Of course, I’m sure your buddy would be rather content with a few extra treats!

If you are thinking about adding a Bulldog to your family, you might want to consider adopting from a Bulldog Rescue.  There are several Bulldog Rescues in the United States and these dogs deserved to be rescued and have a forever home!

Happy National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day!

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