Okay, so things have been a little hectic around here.  I have always been told that God only hands you as much as you can handle, so I just want to say:  Dear God,  I really believe that you have handed me all I can handle for right now!

I thought that when I finished up with the school year in May, I would have some free time and would be able to get back to blogging and commenting on everyone’s blogs.  Boy, was I wrong!  I have missed reading about what is going on in everyone’s lives…but having some free time just hasn’t happened yet.


The first day of summer vacation I was rear ended by a kid in a Dodge Ram Truck.  They had to tow his truck away and the back of my car was smashed!  I was waiting to turn left, with my blinker on, when he hit me.  He was going 40 – 45 mph and never saw me.  There were no skid marks where he tried to stop.  He nailed me and now I’m going to the doctor twice a week.  Figures and oh yeah…my car is still in the shop!


Smashed Lexus

Just to show you what my car looked like!



As if that wasn’t enough, last week I was in my study, putting together a blog post, when my daughter’s fiancee came running through the house yelling that there was water everywhere!  WHAT?  How could there be water everywhere?  Well, a hose on the washing machine had broken and there was water at least 2 inches deep throughout the house.  We had to rip out the pad and have new padding put down.  Should have put down new carpet, but that will have to be done another time.


And last but not least, Scout got sick and they can’t figure out what is wrong with him.  We have been dealing with this for awhile now.  At first they thought it was kennel cough, but it wasn’t.  The veterinarian we take our dogs to had no idea what was going on with him, so we took him to a different vet in April.  He gave him medicine and he got better for awhile.  Then in May his cough started getting worse and $700 later we went home with a lot more medicine.  The vet took x-rays and said that he had some fluid around his heart but everything else looked good.

Scout actually started doing better, and was barely coughing.  I took my parents to Houston the first week of June so they could attend my niece’s graduation and when I got home, Scout was very, very sick.  Somehow, he had gotten three different kinds of parasites.  So back to the vet we went.  The parasites went away, but the cough is back and it isn’t just a cough.  He is gagging and gagging and I feel so bad for him.

So maybe you all have some ideas!  I’m desperate!  The poor guy is okay when he lies down and isn’t excited but if he gets up and does any kind of activity, he starts gagging and it just breaks my heart.

He has been at the vet’s for 4 days now and I’m hoping they figure out what is wrong with him.  My daughter and I went to visit him twice yesterday, and he was so glad to see us…but it set off another gagging attack.  He is eating his food and drinking water, but he hasn’t had a bowel movement for four days 🙁


Sick Labrador Retriever

My daughter and Scout at the vet’s office. Scout didn’t want his picture taken yesterday, he was more interested in getting out of that kennel!

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that he gets to come home for awhile longer.  If they say he is suffering, I know we should let him go in peace but I want him to be able to come home for a few days. I don’t want his last days to be spent in a kennel.  Am I wrong?  Am I just a crazy dog mama?

Please keep your paws crossed for my precious Scout that he gets better and can come home.  This house will be so lonely without him 🙁


One more thing, my daughter has entered a contest to try to win her wedding venue for free.  I didn’t mention that we were also planning a wedding in the middle of everything else that has been going on!  I would really appreciate it if you would vote for her.  All you have to do is vote.  They won’t spam you or anything like that, and if you have any friends that might vote, please ask them.  She is in 3rd place right now, so she needs all the votes she can get! 


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