Even though I don’t like to think about it, Scout is going to be 13 this November. Teddy and Ash aren’t quite that old with Teddy being 7 years young and Ash being 6 years young.  I hate to think of my dogs as getting old, but I can see it in Scout’s face every day.  When NuVet Labs contacted me about trying out their products, I said yes because I knew the supplements could only help both Scout and Teddy.

Teddy has a limp in his back leg due to an old injury and every once in awhile he will hurt it again and limp around for some time.  Scout, in his old age, has started having troubles getting up on our bed and climbing the stairs.  Instead of getting on our bed like he used to, he finds comfort in sleeping on the floor.

Enter NuVet Plus and NuJointDS!

Nuvet Labs sent me a 3 months supply of their NuVet Plus and NuJoint DS Wafers.  I started all three dogs on them immediately.

I have to show you how many bottles they sent me for this review! I was surprised when I opened the package and I was very excited! Usually I get one or two bottles of something when I’m asked to do a review. Getting 6 bottles was amazing!

NuVet Plus Review
I have seen the biggest difference in Scout since he started taking the NuVet Plus and NuJointDS.  He is back to getting on our bed and he is getting around a lot better than before the supplements.  I have also seen improvement in Teddy.  I was having to give him an aspirin at night to help with the pain, but since he started taking the supplements, I haven’t had to give him anymore aspirin.

Glucosamine and Chondroitin in NuJoint DS

Senior dogs usually suffer from arthritis and supplements with Glucosamine and Chondroitin seem to help them feel better.  Glucosamine helps in healing joints, improving the lubrication of the joints, improving functionality, relieving inflammation, and reducing pain.  Chondroitin when given with Glucosamine, helps your dog’s joints even more.  Both of these ingredients are found in the NuJoint DS. 

Dosage for Scout, Teddy and Ash

Scout and Teddy have been on the NuVet Plus Wafers and the NuJoint DS Wafers for 2 months.  They have one more month of supplements left to take.  Scout takes 2 NuVet Plus Wafers and 3 NuJoint DS Wafers where Teddy takes 2 NuVet Plus Wafers and 4 NuJoint DS Wafers.  They get these every day and Ash takes 1 NuVet Plus Wafer each morning.  All three dogs love them and can’t wait to eat them!  The three goofballs think they are getting some pretty special treats each day!


Labrador Retriever

Come on Mom! I’m waiting patiently. Give it to me now!



This one is mine Ash! You can’t have it!


NuVet Plus

The NuVet Plus helps with health problems including allergies, itching and scratching, hot spots, arthritis, digestive issues, hair loss, ear and other infections, lethargy and tear staining.  It also helps strengthen your pet’s immune system.  


Lab/Great Dane Mix

Yummy, Yummy!


NuJoint DS

The NuJoint DS protects healthy joints, rebuilds cartiliage, lubricates for fluid movement, reduces inflammation and improves mobility.


My turn!  I love these wafers!

My turn! I love these wafers!



Both of these products have worked well for my dogs.  I have seen an improvement in both Scout and Teddy’s mobility and would recommend these products based on those results.  Ash really wasn’t having any specific problems before taking the NuVet Plus Wafers, but I’m sure they are helping protect her immune system. 

If you would like to find out more about these supplements, you can go over and watch these NuVet Plus Reviews or you can read these NuVet Plus Reviews.


Full Disclosure: I received 3 bottles of NuVet Plus and 3 bottles of NuJoint DS in exchange for an honest review. I received these products to help spread the word about NuVet Labs, but Dogs N Pawz only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.

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