If it was up to your dogs, you would spend every waking hour rubbing their ears, playing fetch and making sure there is an ample supply of MilkBones in the house.

Although you love your furry children, there are times when work, household chores and other tasks must take precedence. As much as you’d probably rather rub your beloved dog’s tummy instead of doing that at-home project for your boss, you do have to complete the work so you can earn enough money for squeaky toys and doggie spa days.

With a little ingenuity and some innovative products, it’s quite possible to multi-task and keep your dogs entertained while still getting other things done around the house.

Keeping Your Dog Busy

Automatic Ball Thrower

For those times when you really have to focus on work — whether it’s a conference call or project that you can complete from home, the iFetch is the ideal solution. If you have a pooch who is passionate for fetch, the iFetch, which is safe to use indoors, will toss balls for your dog to go find. As a bonus, you won’t have to touch slobber-covered tennis balls.

Smart Treat Ball

For those times when the dishes are stacked up in the sink or the laundry needs to be folded, consider one of the many choices of treat dispensing toys. These can be filled with your dog’s favorite small treats, and then he or she must figure out how to roll the toy around on the floor just so, in order for the treats to fall out. This toy is not only mentally and physically challenging for dogs, it will keep them happily occupied.

Xbox One

If you love playing video games, you can play certain games while still paying attention to your pup. The Xbox One with a Kinect console, which is available at major retailers like Walmart, features games that allow you to get up and move around instead of just sitting in a chair and focusing on the screen. As you are standing and playing a sports game like bowling or soccer, the hands-free nature of Kinect will allow you to play fetch or work on commands with your dog while still playing the game. In addition, Microsoft is currently at work to find a way for Xbox games to stream directly to a browser. This means that gamers who want to make sure their dogs get enough exercise can enjoy some of their favorite titles on their tablet or mobile phone while their pooch runs around at the local dog park.

Couch + Laptop + Foot = Happy Dog

When it’s time to catch up on emails, you can always retreat to your couch with your tablet or laptop, and ask your dog to come lie at your feet. Then, as you check your inbox and reply to your messages, you can pat your dog with your foot. The advantage to this is that it can be done anywhere, and it won’t cost you a cent, which will leave more money in the budget for those MilkBones.

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