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Awhile back I wrote about Diesel and how he likes to run up and down the fence line and bark at the dogs on the other side of the fence.  You can find that post here

Mommy took a picture of Diesel after he came in from chasing those other dogs a few days ago.  He was panting so hard and his tongue was sticking out as far as it would go!  His tongue is really fat or should I say wide?  and long!  We think it is amazing and don’t really know how he gets all of it in his mouth!

Diesel has one big tongue and he gives slobbery licks and kisses with it!  His tongue is good for other things as well! He can use his tongue for cleaning himself and to lap up water when he needs a drink.  His tongue also gives him a sense of taste and can act like a thermometer.  When Diesel pants, air passes over his tongue, which helps to cool his body down.  And believe me, he was panting really hard in this picture so his body had a lot of cooling down to do!

Big Dog Tongue

We think Diesel’s tongue hanging out is pretty cute!  And there there are those times when his tongue is barely out of his mouth and you can see just a splurge of pink through his gums and it is so adorable! 

Does your dog have a really long tongue that hangs out?  Do you think it’s cute?

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Mommy ordered new dog beds for us yesterday and was amazed at how much she saved!  We are so excited, we get new beds because Diesel chewed ours up!  Way to go D!  We knew you were good for something!

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