Living in Oklahoma you are always aware of the possibilities of tornadoes!  Today is one of those days.  Bad weather is supposedly on its way, so it’s time to get the storm shelter cleaned out.  I always hate cleaning out the storm shelter…bugs, spiders, and whatever else has lived down there during the winter.  Yuck!

Anyway, the shelter has been cleaned out and everything we think we will need is in the shelter.  Now…to wait it out and see if we have to actually make a trip to the shelter!

I really don’t like these days, but even worse is the idea of what to do with the dogs?  Of course, we will take them to the shelter with us but have you ever tried to put four big dogs in an underground shelter?  Picture this…trying to get them into the shelter on the stairs that are the narrowest stairs ever and the stairs go straight down.  So one of us has to push a dog down while the other one is in the shelter holding on to the dog.  Oh yeah, it is usually raining like crazy when all of this going on.  It is quite the scene!  Even worse, the fact that they have to stay down there and ride the storm out.  Can I say crowded 🙂

So we are waiting to see if we have to go to the shelter.  I’m outside with the dogs and they are oblivious to everything.  They just want to play! So here are some pictures showing what is going on and yes, if we have to get in the shelter I will be sure to take some pictures of us down there!

This first picture is Shiloh by the storm shelter without a care in the world!  And that storm shelter doesn’t look like the place I want to spend my Saturday evening in 🙁

Shiloh by the Tornado Storm Shelter


The next pictures are of Ash.  She isn’t going anywhere without her ball!

Chessie and her ball


Chessie and her ball




Trying to get the Chessie in the storm shelter



This Chessie has a mind of her own!

She says, “No way am I getting in that hole.  You are going to have to force me in!”


By the way, Scout is asleep in the  house and Teddy is running around chasing squirrels.  Those squirrels always get the best of him 🙂

More to come if there are tornadoes and we have to get in the storm shelter.  For everybody else in the Midwest…stay safe!

Wow…made it through the storms okay and didn’t even have to go to the shelter!  Yay, the doggies were very happy about that 🙂 Sending prayers out to those that weren’t as fortunate 🙁 

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