Mom dressed us up for Halloween last night.  I, of course, had the best costume!  I was a bear.  I figure I had the best costume cause I am the best behaved!  Mom put the costume on me and I was so good!  As you can see in the pictures, I posed and then I proceeded to lay down and watch the others be tormented persuaded to dress up.

Mom put wings on Ash.  Ash was suppose to be a bumblebee but mom didn’t make Ash put anything else on cause Ash doesn’t do well in clothes.  So… Ash’s costume was pretty lame if you ask me!

As for Teddy, he didn’t have to wear a costume.  He is afraid of his own shadow and gets spooked at any little thing, so mom thought it was best to not make him wear anything.  Between you and me, that was probably one of mom’s few genius moments!  Of course she couldn’t make Teddy wear anything.  He would probably have had a panic attack!

Halloween Costume

What’s that big thing doing on my head? I was a little embarrassed that mom put this picture on cos it looks like I’m a little excited down there! Oh well, that’s a man dog for ya!


Dog Halloween Costume

I’ve had enough…can you tell?


Dog Halloween Costume

OK mom…I think they get the picture!


Dog Halloween Costume

Gee mom…I think you’ve taken plenty of pictures!


Dog Halloween Costume

Come on guys…this is boring!


Chessie dressed in Bumblebee Wings

Just one question…Why does Scout get to wear the cool costume???


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