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Does your dog make a difference in your family?  Well, our dogs make a big difference in our family.  We have almost always had a dog in our lives.  I think there was only about a year when we didn’t have a dog.  Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we didn’t have our dogs, but I don’t think about it for long.  Something I can tell you is this…if we didn’t have dogs I wouldn’t have to:

  • vacuum or dust as much
  • worry about finding someone to take care of them when we go on a trip
  • pick up dog poop in the backyard every other day
  • spend money on dog food, heart worm pills, vet visits, etc.

and the list goes on!  But then, if we didn’t have our dogs it just wouldn’t be the same around here!  Even though I have to vacuum all the time and pick up dog poop, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My dogs are great listeners and they are always there to keep me company.  I may have to pick up dog poop but they are right there at my feet watching me do it as if to say…sorry mom, we didn’t mean to do it right there but we just couldn’t wait!  Yeah…I may have to vacuum all the time but if they weren’t here to shed hair and track in mud and sticks, my house might not ever get vacuumed!

Each one of our dogs is special in his/her own way!  Scout is the oldest of our three dogs.  He is a big ‘ole lug that loves to be petted and just wants to be fed and loved.  When I go outside to feed him, he starts running around in circles!  He makes me laugh and he starts my day out with a smile.  He keeps me entertained with his inquisitive looks that he gives me as if to say what? What mom?  Really mom?  I wish he could talk so I knew why he was giving me those funny looks and what he was trying to say!  Scout is my best friend and my buddy!

Scout the Lab

I’m the oldest and have been around the longest; therefore, the other two do what I say! I’m the boss!

Teddy…well, we just haven’t figured him out yet!  He was dumped when he was a puppy and we took him in and took care of him.  We had every intention of trying to find him a forever home but we didn’t have much luck; so here he is, still with us.  He amazes me because he is so big but so cowardly.  We have always taken very good care of him but he has such a hard time trusting people.  I guess I would too if I had been dumped in an oil field in the middle of the hot summer when I was a couple of weeks old.  Teddy is one of those that you have to be very patient and understanding with.  He is timid, scared and he wants to love and be loved.  He just hasn’t figured out how to yet.  He thinks he is little even though he weighs 120 pounds.  He will climb onto my lap and lay there for just a little while until he realizes that he is in my lap and maybe he shouldn’t be there.  Then he’ll get down and go hide behind the table until he feels like it is safe to come out again.  I often wonder why he feels like he needs to hide…we never raise our voice at him, or hit him or anything like that.  Just the opposite, we talk softly to him, pet him and love him trying to reassure him that he will be taken care of and will be okay.  With Teddy I have learned to be more patient and I have learned to take it one day at a time with him and not to expect more from him than he is willing to give.

Rescued as a puppy

I’m Teddy! I just feel lucky to have a home!

Ash is our little girl.  She is a sweetheart and loves to be with the humans.  It doesn’t matter what we are doing, she just wants to be right there in the middle of it all.  She is a very sneaky dog. She will walk very quietly over to where you are laying on the couch and stand there and look at you with her big green eyes and before you know it, she is laying on your chest.  She is no little dog either but she thinks she always has to be laying on top of you for whatever reason.  If we are petting Scout or Teddy, she will nudge at them until she nudges long enough that they move out of the way so she can be petted.  She loves to swim and spends a lot of her time in the pool on hot days.  She also loves to catch balls and would catch them all day long if you would toss them to her.  She is a smart dog and she knows what she wants…to be with the humans as much as she can.

Chessie Dog

I’m the happiest when I’m being petted. If you get in my way, I will just nudge you until you leave!

I have learned from our dogs and they have brightened our lives in so many ways!  They have made us laugh and made us cry but I will never be sorry or ever regret giving each and every one of our present and past dogs a home.  What I might regret is that we didn’t give more doggies a home.  Maybe we will have to work on that!

Our dogs are a very important part of our family.  They entertain us, keep us company, depend on us, protect us and love us unconditionally.  You might say that they are just dogs, but to us they are more than just dogs…they are part of our family.

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