Hey guys…It’s Shiloh Here!  I’m doing this post today because I’m the oldest and the wisest and I’m here to talk about my mom who can be a doofus at times!  The reason I say she is a doofus is because she received our First Ever Blog Award back in April from our friend Jetty!  She didn’t know how the award worked…we’ll blame it on her being new in the blogging world and our not ever having received an award before!  It finally dawned on her after we got the Liebster Award what she needed to do!  We told her it was better late than never!  So here we are thanking Jetty for Our Lovely Blog Award!

Since we had never received an award before we were so excited…especially mom!  I think at that moment all of the time she has spent on her blogging, taking pictures of us doggies, researching and just working on her our blog became more than worth it!  It was a surreal kind of thing for all of us to get the award!  So I am here to make sure mom thanks Jetty in the proper way!

We have enjoyed keeping up with Jetty and all of our other blogging fur friends!  It has been so much fun meeting new friends in the blogging world 🙂  Pet bloggers are awesome…woof, woof!  So, once again, thank you so much Jetty!  We are honored that you chose us as one of the blogs to pass this award on to and we are sorry that our mom is such a doofus!One Lovely Blog Award

Here are the rules for the One Lovely Blog Award:

  • 1.  Link back to the one who gave you this award – see above.
  • 2.  Pass the award on to 15 other lovely bloggers.

It was really hard for us to pick 15 bloggers because Jetty gave the award to several of the blogs that we wanted to give the award to!  The following blogs were on Jetty’s list but they have been so good to us that we decided to have an honorable mention list!  Thank you so much for being such great fur friends and welcoming us into the blogging world…and…this is our honorable mention list:

1.  Bailey Be Good
2.  Basset Momma
3.  Brown Dog CBR
4.  Fluffy Popcorn
5.  Rumpy Dog
6.  Snoopy’s Dog Blog

This is our list of 15 that we are passing the One Lovely Blog Award on to:

1.  Sabrina’s Pug Tails
2.  Bichon Pawz
3.  A Shepherd’s Voice
4.  Zoolatry
5.  Nip and Bones
6.  My life with flyball dogs
7.  Gospel of Goose
8.  Dachshund Nola
9.  Puppy in Training
10.  I Still Want More Puppies
11.  Betty the Bichon
12.  two French Bulldogs
13.  Alfie’s Blog
14.  The Daily Dog Blog
15.  Two Collies and a Mutt

  • 3.  Follow the person who presented you with the award!

Thanks again Jetty!  We are thankful and appreciative that you chose us as one of your 15!




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