It truly is “Our Scout Dilemma.”  I brought him home from the vet’s late Saturday afternoon.  The diagnosis was a collapsing trachea, enlarged heart and fluid around the lungs.  We came home with lots of different medications and the hopes that my big boy would get better.  The vet told us to keep him quiet and let him rest, which we did.  But every time he wanted to go out and take care of his business, he would walk around forever before he would lift his leg and relieve himself and then he would start coughing and gagging again. 

As long as he is laying down, not doing anything, he is pretty much okay but when he gets up to walk around he starts coughing and sometimes puking white foam.  And when he eats, OMD, he wolfs down his food and then the coughing starts again.  So I had to hand feed him to make sure he didn’t eat too fast.

He woke up yesterday morning around 4:00 am and started gagging.  I laid on the floor with him and got him settled down and he went back to sleep for awhile, but then the gagging started again. 

Hubby took him to the vet around 10:00 am yesterday morning and he is still there.


Lab and Chessie resting together

Scout resting on his daddy’s foot with Ash by his side. This pic was taken the day I brought him home from the vet.

The vet called me yesterday afternoon and said that Scout just got too excited when he came home and we have to figure out how to overcome that.  He is calling a vet at the OSU Veterinary School today to see if he can give us any suggestions.

I’m sure Scout was excited to come home!  What dog wouldn’t be after they had spent 4 nights in a small kennel by themself?  My poor baby 🙁

We asked the vet if it was time to let him go, but he said no.  I hope he still thinks that but if not, I guess we will have to make that decision.  He is still a happy dog, is still eating and drinking, it’s just that darn gagging and coughing that is a problem.  I’m hoping for a miracle for my big boy…I’ll keep you posted!


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