A dog bed is one of those dog supplies that you must have for your dog.  A dog bed gives your dog a sense of security at night and gives your dog his special place to sleep.  There are dog beds that are different shapes and sizes made out of different kinds of materials. They can be square, oval, rectangular and can be made of synthetic wool, real wool, cotton, etc. There are pillow type beds and round beds with a ridge around the edge for your dog to lean against as he is sleeping. You don’t want to buy a small dog bed if you have a larger dog. Dog beds are also made with different kinds of fillings. There are dog beds that are filled with cedar chips. Insects don’t like the smell of cedar chips so these kinds of beds help keep the insects away! Cedar also has a great smell so it provides kind of a deodorant for the dog bed. Really, what it comes down to is how much you want to spend, the size of your dog, the shape of bed you want for your dog, and the materials you want the dog bed to be made out of and to be filled with.


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