Keeping Your Dog Healthy With Technology
Whether you must run some errands, go to work or have a trip planned, you want to know how your pet is while you’re gone. Make sure your furry family member has the care it needs while you’re away. Here are some gadgets and technology that can help you stay connected with your pet even when you’re gone:

Sitters & Walkers

Pet sitters and dog walkers are not always up for the job of handling your furry friend. With Pet Check you will get all the information you need and want about how sitters or walkers take care of your best friend. Pet Check is a technology that helps you and your sitter coordinate schedules so your dog is always walked and your cat is always fed on time. When a sitter checks into your home, he marks it on your online care sheet, so you know when your pets were cared for. If you have a dog, Pet Check tracks the walk the sitter takes your pooch on, so you know where your pet is at all times. When your animal is cared for, you receive an email with detailed information, such as a low food or kitty litter notice.


Home security cameras don’t only keep your home safe, they can also be a link between you and your pets. With Lorex wireless home monitoring systems you can check in with your pet no matter where you are. Not only do these cameras shoot in high definition 720p, but they come with no monthly subscription and a 9-inch monitor. Connect this monitor with your router, download the SD Pro app for your smartphone, and you can check in with your home and pet anywhere in the world. This is a particularly useful tool for those who travel often, for work or pleasure.


Petnet is a smart feeder. This gadget can help you measure health metrics for your animal. With actionable data, you can track how much food your pet needs. This includes feed times and calorie intake. Help your pet lead a healthier life through a scheduled feed program. Measure and update Petnet with your smartphone or mobile device.


If your dog doesn’t get enough exercise, but you can’t schedule long park visits, consider iFetch. This smart thrower can shoot a ball between 10 and 30 feet when the ball is placed in its funnel. It runs on batteries or can plug into an outlet for when your dog has those marathon fetch sessions. While there are some questions concerning its durability with larger animals, this is a tool that can keep your dog healthy and young for years.

Pet Cube

The Pet Cube is a video camera with a wide angle lens and laser pointer. The camera lets you check in with your pets, while the laser pointer can be controlled remotely from your computer or smartphone, as a toy. Cats and dogs alike love some interaction even if you can’t be there in person. This is a great pet gadget for those who work long hours.

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