Pets qualify as family members in almost every pet-owning household; therefore, it’s easy to know why pet photography is trendy among owners of pets. Nevertheless, it’s highly challenging taking great pictures of your pet. Contrary to humans, pets have a hard time posing (since they don’t know what it means to pose) which will get in the way of taking excellent pictures. It’s, therefore, possible to take awesome pictures of your pet by following some tips. Below are some great tips for pet photography to use when you focus on capturing the wonderful personality of your pet in a photo.

1.  Be Patient

Patience is one of the most vital pet photography tips worth considering when you want to capture the pet’s personality perfectly. Unlike other kinds of photography, pet photography needs a lot of patience. Because pets have a hard time taking directions, you must be patient to capture the shot. Furthermore, pets do not pose when they see a camera. Instead, they get surprised by curiosity. You have to allow enough time for the restlessness and curiosity to wear out to capture your pet’s ideal personality.


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2.  Include People

It’s a great photography tip to capture the personality of your pet in a photo. The way we interact with others is one of the best indicators of personality. Capturing these interactions concerning pets will bring out their personality too. You can capture your pet playing with a member of the family in a typical scenario to perfectly capture their personality.

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3.  Experiment

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Even though there are guidelines to taking great pet photos, you can bend the rules. Try different approaches, angles, and compositions until you’re able to get the perfect shot. You should shoot as many times as possible and worry about the results later. Pet photography is captured properly when you reach your pet’s eye level, that’s when lying on the floor or sitting.  Don’t be afraid to allow your imagination to run wild, as long as the focus is capturing pictures from the perspective of your pet.

4.  Offer Value to the Pet’s Character

Another way to capture the personality of your pet is to bring out those typical traits. You understand your pet better than anybody else so this should not be an issue. If your pet is lazy, focus on capturing lazy gestures like yawns. But if your pet is playful, you should focus on capturing his preferred tricks.Use natural light to your benefit.

Bulldog Sleeping

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5.  Use Natural Light to Your Benefit

If you are working indoors, then set up the shot using a big window on one side of your pet and a foam board or white poster board on the other side to help bounce the light back toward the subject. You should use lower light settings (high ISO’s), and opt for a tripod rather than flash.

6. Troubleshoot Distractions

Base on the personality of your pet, limit the number of people — both on set and also in the photo. “If you are capturing people and your pet together, it’s good to instruct the humans to fully focus on the camera, allowing you — the photographer to get the attention of your pet.






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