You have wanted a dog for such a long time you can’t remember when you started thinking about owning one. For one reason or another, the time was never right. Well, it is now but everywhere you turn there are cute puppies for sale or up for adoption. So how do you choose which dog is right for you? You’ve waited this long and just don’t want to make the wrong decision. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to see which dog (or breed) is right for you.

Cute Pit Bull Needs a Home

What Are You Looking for in a Dog?

The first thing to do is be honest with yourself. Exactly what are you looking for in a dog? Are you looking for a companion dog to take along with you wherever you go? Are you looking for a lap dog to give you comfort on long, lonely nights? Perhaps you want a playful dog you can run and exercise with. These are all important considerations because not all dogs have these innate qualities.

What Are Your Living Arrangements?

Next on the list is to take stock of where you live. Many people live in apartments or condos where there are very strict pet policies. Shelters and dog rescues are filled to capacity with dogs that were surrendered because their owner couldn’t keep them due to lease restrictions. If you are not in a home/apartment that allows dogs, now is not the time to look at puppies for sale. (That is unless you are ready to move!)

Are There Young Children in the Household?

Some breeds of dogs just do better with children than others. If you have young children in the house it is important to look for breeds that aren’t known to be aggressive or skittish. Although most people think in terms of Rottweiler’s or Pit Bulls when they think of dangerous dogs, little dogs can be rough on children as well. Temperament is an important factor when choosing a family dog.

Are You Ready and Willing to Spend Time Training a Puppy?

If you work a lot of hours and are rarely home, a puppy might not be your best choice. You need patience and time to spend with a young puppy. Housetraining a puppy takes a consistently watchful eye or accidents will happen. Puppies chew everything in sight, just like babies and toddlers and can run in front of a car before you’ve even gotten out of the door. Unless you are willing to spend time training a puppy, adoption of an adult dog might be a better option for you.

Yes, there are lots and lots of cute little puppies online, in pet stores, in the paper and you can even find posters with puppies for sale at your local grocery store. Choosing the right dog or puppy is going to be a big decision. Browse the breeds available on Little Puppies Online, and take time to carefully consider what you are looking for in a dog and how much time you have to spend in the early days. Making the right choice could mean you have a new best friend. A wrong choice could be your worst nightmare, so choose carefully.

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