It is exciting to get a new puppy! They are so cute and adorable when they are puppies and your puppy deserves to be well taken care of. Your puppy will need vaccinations and routine worming. You should also get your puppy spayed or neutered unless you plan on breeding them. You should also check your puppy regularly for ticks and fleas. It is important to find a good veterinarian for your puppy. If you don’t know a good veterinarian check around. Ask dog owners, pet shops or grooming parlors for recommendations. If you ask for recommendations, find out why they like the veterinarian they are recommending. Make sure they are recommending the vet for good reasons not just because the clinic is close or because the vet is a good friend. Here are some things to think about when looking for a veterinarian to take care of your puppy:
1. Make sure the clinic is clean.
2. The clinic should be well staffed.
3. The staff should be friendly, helpful, competent and courteous. They should be able to communicate effectively.
4. The clinic operates efficiently meaning that the clinic sends out routine vaccination reminders and any other reminders for care that dogs require periodically.
5. The clinic responds promptly and with concern to the owner’s inquiries.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever Puppy

6. The clinic has up-to-date equipment.
7. The clinic staff is interested in educating owners about their pets’ health care.
8. The staff treats animals with compassion.
9. Which emergency services are available?
10. Do the fees fit your budget?

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