A dog is man’s best friend. However, if it is untrained, it can be your worst nightmare. Imagine having a dog that never listens or understands you and one that keeps barking loudly in the middle of the night for no reason at all. This is a common problem with untrained dogs. If you want to have the best behaved dog, you have to invest a little more in a dog trainer. Here are some of the things you need to consider when deciding on the trainer to work with.

Dog Training

Know what you want from the training

The first step to hiring a dog trainer is to identify your goals. What do you want your dog to learn? At times, a trainer is hired to help a dog deal with a traumatic event in its past or simply to correct behavioral problems. A trainer can also come in to teach you how to handle your dog. Before you hire a trainer, it is imperative that you take some time to identify your goals. With your goals in mind, it will be easier to zero in on the best trainer to work with.

Your philosophy and ethics

What are your preferences in dog handling? Some people are opposed to choke chains. If you feel bad about a certain dog-handling tool, you need to make that known to the trainer. That way, the trainer will use alternative methods that you are comfortable with. The last thing you want is for the trainer to use a tool that you will never use. You should remember that your dog will only respond well to the tool it has been trained with. Always ensure that the trainer you are about to hire agrees with as well as supports your personal values. That is the key to getting the best results in dog training Melbourne.

Check his certification

You don’t want to work with a trainer who has never trained any dog successfully, do you? That is why in addition to hiring the most experienced trainer, you need to hire one who is certified to work with your breed of dog. Although there are many gifted trainers out there who are not certified, working with a certified trainer shows that the person you are hiring has passed all the minimum requirements, has experience working with dogs and has completed relevant studies. A certified trainer is more accountable to the basic standards and the guidelines.


Just because the trainer offers what you need and he is certified does not mean he is automatically the right person for you. You need to talk to people who have used his services before. Referrals will give you more insight into the trainer. Never hire an expert that has too many negative reviews.

The above are the key things you have to consider when deciding on the dog trainer to work with. Just as a side note, only hire a trainer who is ready to include you as part of his training process. There is nothing worse than a trainer who is unwilling to work with you.




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