Save Money On Your Pets In a Tough Economy
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In this economy everyone is trying to save a dollar or two!  There are several ways to save money when buying for your dog.

  • Buy dog food in bulk.  This can save you up to 50% but make sure you buy your dog quality food.  Also, buy food that is age appropriate.  For example, puppy food for puppies, senior food for older dogs, etc.
  • Walk your own dog instead of paying somebody else to walk him.  Wake up earlier to walk your dog or walk your dog before you go to bed.  Walking your dog gives you time to bond.
  • Make your own dog toys.  A couple of suggestions:  take an old sock and put a treat in it and/or take some old shoe laces from a boot and tie them in a bunch of knots.  Another idea would be an old shoe to chew on.
  • Make your own raincoat for your dog from a trash bag.  The size of your dog will determine the size of the trash bag.  There are all different sizes of trash bags.  Cut a hole in the bottom of the trash bag for your dog’s head and cut holes in the bag for the front legs.
  • Give your dog a bath once a month instead of taking him to the groomer’s for a shampoo.
  • Wash and dry your dog’s paws with a rag before he comes in the house.  It will help keep your carpet clean.
  • Buy generic items or online items.  You can save up to 50 %.
  • Adopt a dog instead of buying a purebred.

Even though you can save money different ways, don’t skimp on taking your dog to the vet.

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