We brought Scout home from the vet’s last Thursday.  He has been at home since then and is having his ups and downs.  Yesterday, he seemed to be a little perkier and wanted to eat, so that was a good sign!  He is still coughing when he gets excited or walks around too much.  If he is resting, he doesn’t cough as much so we are trying to keep him calm and not let him roam.

Everyone says that we will know when it is time to let him go and I agree with that.  At least, with all of our other fur babies, we knew it when it was time.   So I have to believe we will also know when it is time for Scout.  Even though he is coughing a lot, he is still perky, wags his tail, gets excited to see us and he even ate hard food yesterday!  I know he is miserable when he coughs, but he isn’t coughing all of the time.

We are suppose to be getting a second opinion (I guess it is really a 3rd opinion!) this week to see if he has a collapsing trachea or if an enlarged heart is causing the problem. 


Sick Labrador Retriever

I took this picture this morning. This is Scout laying in the sun room by the floor air conditioner. This is his favorite place to be as it is cool on his tummy!

They seem to think that even though it looks like a collapsing trachea in the x-rays, that a membrane might be causing it to look like that.  An enlarged heart might be better than a collapsing trachea because I think they can help him to be more comfortable if it is an enlarged heart vs. a collapsing trachea.  I think that if it is a collapsing trachea that we are out of luck.  But then again, either one may be just as bad as the other.  I don’t know…I’m not a vet.

So we are spending lots of time with him, loving him and giving him lots of attention.  Preparing ourselves for the worst but hoping for the best!


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