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Diesel here….

There are several things going on at our house that I really need to tell you about!

  • We are having a giveaway and we think it is a pretty cool giveaway!  Drumroll please………we are giving away an Unbreakoball for four Fridays in a row!  If you haven’t entered our giveaway, you can go here to see what is going on!
  • Have you noticed our little store at the bottom of our posts?  We have 10 discount coupons worth $10 each to give away!  We are going to give one away each week and we will start that on Wednesday of this week!  The rafflecopter will be added to our Wordless Wednesday post!
  • We are still trying to get more rescue stories.  If you are interested in writing a story, please send mommy an email at  That way she will know if she has more stories coming and if she should go ahead with the book.  If you send her a story, you can nominate a shelter or rescue of your choice for the profits to go to!  Please help us out by writing a story!

Last but not least, we are excited to announce that the Talking Dogs Blog is going to be hosting Tuesday’s Tails with us!  So if there are any snafus with mommy’s internet or anything else that goes wrong on mommy’s side, you can pop over to the Talking Dogs Blog and get the code.  We are also hoping more bloggers will link up and share each others animals that need to be rescued!  Don’t forget to join us this Tuesday!

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