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Mommy’s birthday was a few days ago and even though it was a happy day it was also sad because Shiloh wasn’t here with us.  We thought about Shiloh lots the other day, so I asked mommy if it would be okay for us to write about Shiloh!  Mommy thought that was a good idea so I tried to do my best to tell all of you about our Shiloh!

Mommy and daddy had Shiloh for a long time before Teddy, Ash and I came along.  Before mommy and daddy had Shiloh they had two dogs named Scuffy and Bubbles.  One of these days I will write about them but today it’s all about Shiloh! 

Mommy was hesitant to get Shiloh because they had to make the decision the year before to let Scuffy and Bubbles cross over the Rainbow Bridge.  It was very hard for mommy because she had had Scuffy since she was in college and Bubbles came into mommy and daddy’s lives right after mommy and daddy were married.  But human bro and human sis begged and begged for mommy to let them have another dog and that is how Shiloh came into their lives.  Pssssst….we are so glad that human bro and human sis were annoying and kept bugging mom and dad; otherwise, there wouldn’t have been a Shiloh for us to love and for that matter, Teddy, Ash and I probably wouldn’t have been here for the humans to love either!

It was human sis’ 7th birthday and she wanted a black Lab for her birthday.  Daddy looked and looked everywhere for a black Lab and finally found one that the people couldn’t find a home for.  Shiloh was the runt of the litter and nobody wanted her 🙁   So mommy, daddy, human bro and sis got in the car and traveled to Oklahoma City to meet this little runt.  Well, she wasn’t so little cause she was already about 6 months old cause nobody wanted her.  When the humans got out of the car and went to see Shiloh she was just sitting there looking at them.  She let out a little bark and needless to say, she had them at woof!  If you only knew Shiloh…she loved to bark!  Human sis made it quite known that she had to have that black doggie, human bro agreed and the rest is history!


Labrador Retriever Puppy

Human sis and puppy Shiloh. Aren’t they adorable!

Mommy says Shiloh was easy to potty train and was a really good puppy except for one thing.  She loved to chew and destroy things.  She chewed everything and anything she could get her mouth on.  Everyone told mommy that all Labs chew and Shiloh would just have to grow out of that puppy stage.  Well, after about two years Shiloh grew out of that puppy stage and stopped chewing…thank goodness.  Mommy and daddy had a wooden deck at the old house and Shiloh chewed and chewed on that wooden deck.  They were afraid Shiloh was going to chew holes in the deck so it was a good thing that she grew out of that stage!

The old house had a pool in the backyard just like our house now and Shiloh grew up jumping in the pool.  She loved nothing more than to catch a tennis ball while she was running and jumping in the pool.  She would stretch her body out as far as she could while she was jumping and make a great big belly splash right in the middle of the swimming pool!  It was nothing for Shiloh to run and jump on you while you were in the pool.  If human sis and human bro had company over, mommy and daddy would have to keep Shiloh in the house for fear of her jumping on a little kid in the pool and drowning them.  Shiloh spent most of her summers in the pool.  If she wasn’t swimming she wasn’t happy!

Labrador Retriever

She would swim all day if we would let her!

The family moved into a new house when human bro was getting ready to start high school.  The new house has almost an acre of land so Shiloh had lots of room to play.  Not too long after they moved into the house, human bro brought home a little kitty that he found at the baseball field.  Mommy and Daddy were afraid that Shiloh wouldn’t get along with the kitty but Shiloh took right to Kitty.  Shiloh took care of Kitty, let Kitty sleep with her and let Kitty suck on her nipples.  Kind of strange I thinks!  Shiloh was so good with Kitty and they became best friends!

Shiloh and Kitty

Shiloh and Kitty hanging out!


Shiloh and Kitty

Shiloh and Kitty

Unfortunately, Kitty wasn’t with mommy and daddy for long.  We won’t go into that sad story…  After Kitty was gone, Daddy thought they needed another dog to keep Shiloh company and that was when he brought Summer home from Lab Rescue.  Summer was Shiloh’s buddy and they did everything together.  Daddy calls them partners in crime!  Their biggest thing…they would escape from the backyard.  Mommy was always having to go find them but thankfully she always found them and they were always okay.  We thinks Summer was the bad one and Shiloh just followed!  Mommy said that Summer would just rip the fence boards off the stockade fence and out she would go.  We thinks Shiloh would follow to make sure Summer stayed out of trouble.  That was the mother in Shiloh!  She was always making sure everything was okay.  Thanks to Summer, mommy and daddy had to have a brand new stockade fence put up and they laid a concrete bottom under the fence all the way around the yard.  Summer cost them some big bucks but she never got out of the backyard again!

Labrador Retrievers

Shiloh and Summer – Aren’t they cute!

Shiloh was always such an even tempered dog.  She welcomed anybody and anything into our home.  She was never jealous…just a happy go lucky dog.  When daddy brought me home, Shiloh was just as excited as ever and made sure to show me the ropes.  She took care of Summer and me and then came Teddy and Ash.  Shiloh never cared that she wasn’t the only dog anymore; in fact, I think she liked having a pack of dogs around to keep her company!  Now don’t get me wrong, Shiloh was the absolute queen of the house!  She took care of us other dogs and we did what she told us to do!  When she barked, we listened!

We miss Shiloh cause we don’t have a mother hen watching over us telling us what to do!  Even though we miss her, we know she is happy and running with Kitty and Summer!  We are so fortunate that we had Shiloh in our lives and that she was here to take care of us.  She taught us so many things like patience…if you beg long enough mommy will finally give you some treats, how to have fun… chasing balls and squirrels…yeah she taught us that, how not to give up…bark and bark until you scare all the wild animals out of the yard, and how not to take anything for granted…make sure you give mommy and daddy lots of licks and kisses cause they take care of you.

Yes Shiloh, we are holding down the fort for you! We are taking care of business – making sure to give mommy and daddy lots of licks, keeping watch over the backyard and waiting for the swimming pool to be opened so we can break it in for you this summer! We know you are watching over us and we promise we won’t disappoint you! Take care and until we meet again….



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